The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello PowerBeef

    Thought I'd say Hi. I'm fairly new here too and I am learning C2 - in the meantime I'm busy uploading graphics to the asset store.

    Look forward to seeing your demo when it's ready.


  • Hi everybody,

    I'm greeting everyone in the World of Construct 2. Yesterday, i registered myself to the Site and I was wondering about the Reputation Points and the first thing to do, was to "say Hello" to the Community.

    So here I am. Im new to Construct 2, watched a bunch of Videos to it and was ecxited about this software. Now I'm already working with it about 100 hours and hope to release some good old stuff with it.

    Well, see ya around


  • Hi everybody,

    I am new to Construct 2 programming and looking forward to making multi-million dollar games with you help of-course



  • Hi blurtsmum,

    I need some asset for my game so I will gladly go take a look at your work on the store.

    Thanks !!

  • Heyo!

  • hello

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  • Hi all. RCFlynn signing in.

    I am a gamer at heart and have always wanted to create my own games. I found out about Construct 2 from a work-related conference I will be attending. Hoping to learn enough at the conference to start creating educational games in some of the online courses I design for Moody Bible Instititue in Chicago

  • Hi, I'm Davit Masia, Matriax on internet and this is my devlog on i post everything about the videogames i develop: I developed near 2 years with Multimedia Fusion and now i bought Construct2 to compare, if all i see is true i hope the cange be positive and continue developing games.

  • Hi,i'm yaswanth chowdary,.i'm a student persuing my graduation,as ,we all had fun with games in leasuire time,,i enjoyed a lot in playing manygames.and parents scold me when i'm playing and scold like "who are developing these stupid games",and a thought disturbed my mind that ,"how are these games onstructed",and asked many one about this and I came to known that everebody can construct the games and got a construct2 application from my friend and started looking fun in this constucting

  • Hello everyone.

    Some time ago I'm doing stuff with Construct2, but nothing serious.

    I hope that from this summer: I can see it in depth.


  • hello

  • Hello, I'm bc!

    As a graphic designer, chiptune musician, and fan of retro video games (and current ones), I figured it was time I tried making a game or two.

    So I started waking up at 6am, bought Jayjay 's book, and got to work. I'm enjoying myself so far.


    • Construct Classic
    • Pyxel Edit (art)
    • LSDJ (music/sfx)
    • Bfxr (quick sfx)
  • Hello there !

    Gamer at heart, I've made my first game when I was 16 on a TI83 Calculator. It wasn't really awesome, but eh! some friends played it and had fun at the time.

    I tried Flash after that, and except for one crappy vertical shooter, I've never finished what I had in mind. Years later, I'm back at business.

    2D Adventure game it'll be.

  • H ello,

    I am, 10th std. student, and have interest to make game.

    So pls help me in my hobby.

    Thank You.

    (Nishant Bhosale)

  • hello,

    my name is anthony, funder director of blackant master studio.

    i'm leaving in france and i will translate some tutorials i fund on this website in french language.

    i'm usually using Unity engine to create games, but for 2D games, i assume that the quickest way to do so is by using construct 2 !

    let's see what we can do ...

    cheers !

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