The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Yo, there!

    How are you?

    Singing in proces was very easy cause I'm not native English speaker. May I sugest that The Official Introduce Yourself Thread should be on a first page, cause Welcome Newbiees and beginers stuff was a first thing I was looking for on forum?

    May I ask where do you find my foto for the avatar I think I had it on just one site?

    I like new software so I will try this, so far promising...

  • Life time gamer, and writer, thought i'd try my hand at making one, and this was recommended as a good starting point.

  • Hello, I'm Tadeu, I'm 27 and I want to learn how to make games.

    I'm brazilian and I have tried a lot of times make games, but unfortunately I never finished any project yet, but I'm trying to finish at least one.

    I love games since I was a kid, when I used to play on the old Atari (was from my father). Since then, I was always reading and creating stories, characters, villains and those things for when I grew up and make my own game. When I began my bach in computer science I discovered that this isn't as simple as I imagined hehe

    I would like to have any design skills, but I don't know how draw even a stickman lol but I like to write and create stories, so I just write for now while I learn better how to program.

  • Hello, I'm 20 years old and I'm from Brazil. I've heard about construct2 from a friend and I wanted to try it.

  • [quote:2h53g8sa]

    ♥ All you have to do is just look into my eyes and smile. ♥

    Hello my name Akio, I'm from Malaysia. A life time gamer and always dream to creating some games, plus I love cats and anime. OwO)/ Nyan~ ♥

    I always love to play games any genre of games, I was born with a family that also love games. I always fantasize about my life being in a games that I have played. I also created some story based on my imagination about anything think of. And I always think how cool it's to become a game developer and create some great games that people would love. ♥♥♥

    I heard Contruct2 from a friend of mine who use it to create his/her own game. Idk the gender of mah friend XD

  • Hi I am creeperchief614! I am a beginner Programmer Using Construct.

  • Hi!

    I'm PowerBeef and I'm new to Construct 2. So far I find it really easy to use and I'm having a good time with it.

    I work on a little game that I plan to release on PC and Android in the next few months. I will upload a demo soon on the Arcade so I hope you will like it!

  • Hello Uobicajeno the picture for your profile comes from Gravatar - you must have signed up there already.

    Hope you are enjoying yourself on the site. I'm quite new too.


  • Hello PowerBeef

    Thought I'd say Hi. I'm fairly new here too and I am learning C2 - in the meantime I'm busy uploading graphics to the asset store.

    Look forward to seeing your demo when it's ready.


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  • Hi everybody,

    I'm greeting everyone in the World of Construct 2. Yesterday, i registered myself to the Site and I was wondering about the Reputation Points and the first thing to do, was to "say Hello" to the Community.

    So here I am. Im new to Construct 2, watched a bunch of Videos to it and was ecxited about this software. Now I'm already working with it about 100 hours and hope to release some good old stuff with it.

    Well, see ya around


  • Hi everybody,

    I am new to Construct 2 programming and looking forward to making multi-million dollar games with you help of-course



  • Hi blurtsmum,

    I need some asset for my game so I will gladly go take a look at your work on the store.

    Thanks !!

  • Heyo!

  • hello

  • Hi all. RCFlynn signing in.

    I am a gamer at heart and have always wanted to create my own games. I found out about Construct 2 from a work-related conference I will be attending. Hoping to learn enough at the conference to start creating educational games in some of the online courses I design for Moody Bible Instititue in Chicago

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