The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello all! I am the owner of a small company and my company is about making games i will start posting games on here.

  • Hello! I'm Max, and i found Construct 2 though 2DGameDev's stream on twitch.

  • trying to construct a message

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  • Tom here,

    Im living quite the Otaku life. Playing games with my asian girlfriend and doing asian stuff lol

    "Sometimes life can be just awesome" -Me

    I grew up on my Gameboy/Color/Advance/DS and was playing it 24/7, sometimes (lots of times) skipped school just to keep playing or just play during class. My grades were not perfect, but not too bad either. I had all the Pokemon games and most of Zelda games, so besides watching porn that was my whole childhood.

    Also playing YuGiOh my whole life till this day.

    Games I like today are MMOs, 18+VNs, Retro stuff and Mobile games.

    One day I spontaneously decided, why not make a retro game for mobile myself and see how it goes, for people with dem nostalgia feels that could enjoy playing and it not being a cash grab like lots of those out there.

    So I asked my friend Google what are the best 2D game makers and found a site called "". C2 was on the top of recommendations, but it saying the program might have issues with exporting to mobile was a huge turnoff so I tried other programs first, but later on I gave C2 a try because of its simplicity and enjoying it so far.

  • Hi guys,

    My friend introduce Construct 2 to me and I found that this is very amazing!! I've tried several game engine and tire of complexity of its engine. Construct 2 makes me impressed. I'll try some new game project to see this is suit for me. Thanks Scirra to make this very interesting engine like Construct 2.

  • hi

    my name is eoin travers from northern Ireland

    I just found this

  • Good Afternoon, im xTyTy9013x from Taelib Inc.

    we are a recently started company and growing quickly, i found out about Scirras Construct when googling for game development software, and i've started using it to produce the next Taelib Incorporated Title,

    Ar Revoir,


  • I just realized the power of construct 2.I was inspired by a friend who has made several quality games.I represent Africa , Kenya

  • I am a college student with crazy ideal,and I wish to find a way to express it!

  • Hello I'm Alpin and computer engineering student from Turkey

  • Wow it's been a busy day for new starters. I'm certainly not the new kid on the block anymore!

    hello cheerryyblossom boiledboy and Ngugi - to name just 3.

    Looking forward to following your creations and learning.


  • Hi! I'm a newbie in game dev. I dont want to be a developer. I just want to develop a specific theme game for a business idea. Searching for the right engine Construct 2 is the best but I decided to start with Clickteam Fusion 2,5. I wanted to create hidden object, spot the differences, jigsaw puzzles ect. and there is no tutorial for these (pure tutorial in general) so... better learn in Fusion (many & better tutorials) & then go to construct 2

  • Hi ppl. I just really wanna learn how to develop games and yeah.

  • It wont take long

  • Hello! I'm really happy to introduce myself in Construct 2. It's awesome!

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