The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Good day for create games

  • Hello, my name is Rodrigo

    I have 15 years

    To studying more about Construct 2, and I'll try to learn right

    good so that's I'm studying and still enjoying it a lot.

  • Hello everyone.. my name is Yogi.. here i try to create mine games

  • Assalamualaikum, my name is Shobirin, i was a student and want to study how to make a game

  • Boa tarde galera! Tudo bem com vocês?

    Meu nome é Maicon José da Silva, sou de Itápolis, interior de São Paulo, Brasil.

    Curso Publicidade e Propaganda, na Faculdade São Luís de Jaboticabal, e é a partir de um curso de lá que comecei sábado agora, que me apaixonei pelo Construct.

    Podem guardar o meu nome, ótimos jogos serão desenvolvidos.

    Tenham um ótimo final de semana e ótimos projetos a todos.


  • gladly become part of this. hello everyone.

  • Hello all

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  • Hi! My name is Jordan. I love to build websites, and now - games!

    I am just beginning to learn with Construct2; I chose it over other game making tools. I hope I can create some amazing games that everyone can enjoy.

    Thanks so much!

  • hello everyone. 我來自台灣,剛剛重朋友口中聽說這個地方,希望能多多接觸這個有趣的平台

  • Hi, everyone. I'm Silvio Justo.

    A artist and game design enthusiast. I love 2D games, and I want in some day make one.

    But in the moment I've less knowledge of programing. And a friend of mine talked about that program.

    So... Now I'll learn more about it, and try to make games.

    And sorry for my engrish.

  • hi

  • hi im from the us and i found out about construction 2 by looking up free video game makers

  • hey i'm sazx44 and i had agreat idea while is was younger to make a game sorta like castle crashers but with guns and with all my best freinds in it and i looked at all these diffrent game creators and then saw this one and its perfect for making a 2d beat em' up game!

  • hey guys, been working on a game for the past few days using Clickteam Fusion. my coding skills are less than good.

    ive recently been looking at a comparison between construct and CTF for making my game and i figured i would have a look into this too (:

    im in the process of making a 2d platformer/puzzle game along the lines of the lost vikings (:

    anyway hope to see yous around. new to this game dev lark

  • Hi! My name is Daniell Mesquita (with two "L"), and i'm a developer that lives in Brazil. I like develop games, sites and apps. I use Construct 2 to make games/apps, and Notepad to make sites. Too, i like drawing, using paper, and making design of icons/interfaces using Paint with help of Power Point! Too, i like writing TV shows, phrases, poems, books, movies and musics.

    I like projecting and make reality of new ideas, and every time I have new ideas. I'm very creative, and ultra desorganized because this.

    In Construct 2, beyond Apps i'm making games that will have success in the future and have mechanics that is unreleased yet. These games and apps isn't published since i start making (2011), but when these will be done I will release. I like sugesting new ideas for good and unique companyes, and i like revolutionate. I like games, cartoons, animes, series, movies, books, science, biology, music and technology.

    My love is have new ideas and contribute with the world. I like be helped and help the people. I'm a person that believe in an brilliant future for Brazil.

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