The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Heard about this from Newgrounds, so this should be cool.

  • HI!

    I'M SHAHRIAR, 13 Y.O.



  • Hi!

    My name's Jacob

    I got Construct 2 last year, and never knew about all of this friendly community!

    I hope to get something out of it!

  • Hello people! <3 well, i'm not good in introductions but, i'm trying ~

  • Hello! I'm Dell!

    I'm a student currently working on my Senior thesis, a short game demo!

    I found out about Construct through my mentor who is working on a project of his own, and decided to play around with the program and actually make a short demo.

    Let's see how this goes!

    Also, since I am using a shared computer at the moment I'm working really hard to save up to get a laptop for school. Bills suck.

  • Hello I'm Chris!

    I had an idea for a game and ran it by a friend (developer) 3+ years ago and we are just getting close to finishing it up. (Adobe/Actionscript) Working on the game has gotten me pumped about making games in general so I started searching for environments that would make it easy to get something done quickly, but had enough power to add some nice features if necessary. I found Construct 2 and so far I love it. I had to buy a personal license because the idea of I am working on outgrew the free version. Hoping I have to buy the Business License at some point!

  • Hi, I'm Jestley!

  • hi, I'm Nazran from Malaysia.15 and interested in the gaming industry.I heard construct 2 from a website called digital trends and construct 2 interest me the but I dont know why.Please keep up the good thing and I hope that construct 2 wont dissapoint me.

  • я мальчик дима

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  • Hello there! I'm Auni from Maldives !

    Found it a few years ago looking for a far easier alternative to GameMaker that would provide me a lot of features I wanted. Found Construct 2 and more than half of my personal projects are being developed in it.

    If you ask me on my opinion on C2, I say it's the best Game Creation toll I ever had.

  • Hi, i'm Gleybe from Brazil and i was searching for "how to make a game" when i found someone on youtube talking about C2, i have no experience in programing or anything like that, and atm i know little about C2 so i am willing to accept any help anyone want to give xD.

  • Hi I am Metroplex217 and I work on 2D and 3D games through blender and (hopefully!) Construct2.

  • Я Богдан Головенько живу в городе Горловка

  • Hi, I'm Javier, a boy from Argentina, researching about games.

  • hello to all my name is marios im from greece and i have 1 dream to fix a game that everyone want to play it ...

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