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  • Hi!

    I'm a teen interested in making games. I tried a few other applications to make games, but they require programming skill and knowledge, which I still lack of. Luckily I found out Construct 2, and I'm enjoying it! I am still learning the basics of it, and trying to develop and improve my skills.

  • Добрый день!

    Я школьник, который заинтересован в программировании и создании своих игр. Я попробовал множество движков, конструкторов, но они требуют начальных знаний языка программирования и знаний английского языка, которые мне удаются с трудом. Хорошо, что я узнал про такой конструктор, как Construct 2, благодаря этой программе я реализую свои мечты в реально и мне это доставляет очень много удовольствий. Я всё ещё учусь владеть этой средой разработки и у меня уже неплохо получается!

    Советую всем выбрать именно это приложение для создания игр.

  • Hi all! I'm russian indie game devolper for a few years. Really enjoyin' the process.

    And that's my second try to Construct

  • Hello im new

  • hi

  • Hay Nice to joint with Scirra, i hear about Construct 2 From Codepolitan blog

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  • Hello I`m totaly new and now I want to spend my time making aa computer game ,as long as it takes

  • Can anyone direct me to the total novice section where i can start learning to use this program please ?

  • hey its your girl Mimi im a nice lovely girl im 16 & love playing video games "i guess

  • Hi I'm Zimri, I'm going to get Construct 2 later this year (December)

  • Hello!

    MY name iz Orel

    Good Morning

  • Hey guys! I'm looking to make games that are simple and fun to play!

  • Hey guys, s0nic5o000 here, and I'm a new game developer who has been using Construct 2 for almost a year. I recently got a account so I could post my games on the Scirra Arcade.

    Now let's talk about what type of games I make. I make random games. One time I did a Sanic game which I soon deleted and yesterday, I released a game on the Scirra Arcade called "Five Nights With a Cow". I also make adventure games. I'm currently working on 2 games: Waffle Lover, and Kickstarter: The Death. Those two would be platform adventure games, and while one is made because I just felt like it, I made Waffle Lover because of a simple idea I came up with one day.

    I don't just make games, though. I make Minecraft custom maps, animations, and one day I failed to make a Minecraft Noteblock song

  • Heard about this from Newgrounds, so this should be cool.

  • HI!

    I'M SHAHRIAR, 13 Y.O.



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