The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello! I've been programming computers for 30 years, but I just started using Construct 2. I have to say, I'm impressed.

  • Hello everyone. My name is Kurt. I'm a recent college graduate from Emory University. I keep getting ideas for games, so I finally looked into 2D game engine (hopefully this will make my overactive brain happy). I'm checking out Construct 2 since it is supposed to be great according to sources all over the internet.

  • Hi Everyone!

    It's nice to be here.

  • Hi Everyone!

    I m sorry mfor my bad english , i m French .

    Designer and web, and just start to learn Construct2 !

    i hope meet somes interresting people and learn more and more

  • My name is Steve and I'm from Northern Idaho. I heard about Construct 2 from another website that recommends game software.

  • Hey! New here! I'm just starting to experiment with game design and development, so any tips would be helpful! Thanks!

  • Hello there forum! My name is Joeri Ridder. I'm making games as a hobby and I'm using Construct 2 because it's awesome!

  • hi my name is

  • Hi there, i'm from Poland and i'm trying to develop my first game. Previously i used a GDevelop but 10 mins ago i've discovered a CONSTRUCT 2 on youtube and here i am. though advancement looks easier to me so wish me luck

  • Hi there, i'm from Korea, currently living in finland. I'm trying to develop my first game(after minesweeper in C). I found Construct2 through Microsoft Virtual academy course.

  • I'm Todd, a new member. I look forward to chatting with fellow members.

    I'm impressed by the number of active posters here. Good to meet you!

  • Hi, my name is Bence!

    It won't make any problem if you call me Benga, it's my nickname and I prefer using it on forums like this. I hope I can fit in, although my English is just quite well, because I am an 18-year-old student only with average language experience at all. As you can read it on my profile, I want to be an IT engineer in the future, and before I registered here I had thought perhaps I can get some practice with you, guys.

    Tell me if I can't, and I won't bother you!

    I hope you'll get on well with me.

  • looking some software to create little game for study use

    found this website from a bbs forum

  • Try Construct 3

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  • Hi to all! I'm studying Game Design in Italy and we are using Construct 2 as a game prototype creator. It is really cool but Noobs like me sometimes need help So here I am

  • Hiya all i stumbled upon Constructr2 many many times but now I took it seriously and accepted it as my main game maker.

    hope we will have great time and enjoy all of our games

    have a nice day to all members.

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