The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi i have been making games with construct 2 for a year now as i really like drawing and coding as they both have their unique challenges. I am currently working on a 2d Zombie Outbreak Simulator inspired by The Teleglitch, Hotline Miami 1 and 2, Unturned and Team Fortress 2. I will be putting the game on steam greenlight and maybe one day it will come onto proper steam! My favorite games are team fortress 2, just cause 2 and skate 3

  • ChaosBringer41 here!

    Found Construct 2 whilst looking for games making software, although I have to use a netbook at the moment (this stops me from using some programs!).

  • hi there! I wanna try this program!

  • Quirky. If I had only one word to describe myself, it would be Quirky. If I had more, as I do, I would use: Interesting, Young(ish), Bookworm, slightly crazy, baker and learning to code.

  • Hi Im Erica and im interested to learn everything!!

  • Hi, I'm Daemon and I'll be honest I'm just here for the badge.

    But I introduced myself and now I don't feel guilty!

  • Hey everyone!

    Call me Skylar 'cus it's my fake name. I'm a ninja so no-one can know my true name! XD

    I am new here so I'm kind of a noob. I hope we all can be friends in a nice big community. Warning, I'm a bit crazy so I'm sorry if I weird you out.

    Okie thx luv you bai!

  • I'm Todd, a new member. I look forward to chatting with fellow members.

  • Oh. No. I just looking for info about HTML5 games. I only do drawing and sound/music.


  • Trying this program out as an alternative to Unity.

  • Try Construct 3

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  • Hello! I've been programming computers for 30 years, but I just started using Construct 2. I have to say, I'm impressed.

  • Hello everyone. My name is Kurt. I'm a recent college graduate from Emory University. I keep getting ideas for games, so I finally looked into 2D game engine (hopefully this will make my overactive brain happy). I'm checking out Construct 2 since it is supposed to be great according to sources all over the internet.

  • Hi Everyone!

    It's nice to be here.

  • Hi Everyone!

    I m sorry mfor my bad english , i m French .

    Designer and web, and just start to learn Construct2 !

    i hope meet somes interresting people and learn more and more

  • My name is Steve and I'm from Northern Idaho. I heard about Construct 2 from another website that recommends game software.

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