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  • Hey guys!

    I've been here a total of two months now reading and more reading. You guys have some good tutorials, easy to follow and beginner friendly. Right now I just doing the projects that you guys have put together for the beginners until I get use to the coding. I tried a learning from a book not offered by the Scirra and let me tell you something. That book had me confused more than ever and it made want to give up. Until I said to myself go back to the website and learn from there. The book said it was for beginners, but they used the wrong word usage and then they had mistakes in the book. Codes were incomplete and what I mean by incomplete, they would describe a process on how to make the background scroll but no code to show you how its laid out. Scirra rocks boys and girls! I love you guys!

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  • hi my name is josh i am 19 i am in uneaversaty

  • Helo, i'm new in Construct 2, i'd really like to make great things on it!! Regards!!

  • HI Guys. I'm Tony. No experience in making games. Games takes alot of my stress away and i would love to learn how to get it started. I believe i am in the right places and hoping to learn alot from this group. I would like to create an fb games for my customer to engage themself in on my fb page. this will be a simple car racing game with basic leader board. If you guys have any ideas and dont mind sharing, pls do let me know. Cheers

  • Hi i have been making games with construct 2 for a year now as i really like drawing and coding as they both have their unique challenges. I am currently working on a 2d Zombie Outbreak Simulator inspired by The Teleglitch, Hotline Miami 1 and 2, Unturned and Team Fortress 2. I will be putting the game on steam greenlight and maybe one day it will come onto proper steam! My favorite games are team fortress 2, just cause 2 and skate 3

  • ChaosBringer41 here!

    Found Construct 2 whilst looking for games making software, although I have to use a netbook at the moment (this stops me from using some programs!).

  • hi there! I wanna try this program!

  • Quirky. If I had only one word to describe myself, it would be Quirky. If I had more, as I do, I would use: Interesting, Young(ish), Bookworm, slightly crazy, baker and learning to code.

  • Hi Im Erica and im interested to learn everything!!

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  • Hi, I'm Daemon and I'll be honest I'm just here for the badge.

    But I introduced myself and now I don't feel guilty!

  • Hey everyone!

    Call me Skylar 'cus it's my fake name. I'm a ninja so no-one can know my true name! XD

    I am new here so I'm kind of a noob. I hope we all can be friends in a nice big community. Warning, I'm a bit crazy so I'm sorry if I weird you out.

    Okie thx luv you bai!

  • I'm Todd, a new member. I look forward to chatting with fellow members.

  • Oh. No. I just looking for info about HTML5 games. I only do drawing and sound/music.


  • Trying this program out as an alternative to Unity.

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