The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi I'm Andrew and I'm a musician and composer from England but now living and loving life in Austria!

    Looking forward to meeting some people here.


  • Hi everybody!

    My name's Jacob, I'm 12 years old, and I'm a homeschooled student in America and have been interested in Game Design since I was 6.

    I've liked Construct 2 so far, and I hope it will only get better from now on!

    I've been looking forward to getting a lot of good support here with the Forums and meeting new people (electronically... )


  • Hey everyone, my name's Brido and I'm an absolute noob at this I live in Glasgow, Scotland.

    I have tried to start with some other developer tools today like the Unity one, but found it too complicated to use, so thought I'd give this a go

  • Hello to my Scirra/Construct2 Family!!! My name is Brian. Glad to be on board! I heard about C2 via email. Received the message and did a little excite-search to see what C2 was projecting.....Sheer Awesomeness! Can't wait to get started!

  • Greetings my fellow Gamers!

    My name is radikus, I am looking forward to learning from all of you and helping out where I can. I am a CT convert... and I am already enjoyig the community and what I see here!

    I live all things adroid!.. so say we all!

  • Oi! Eu sou um desenvolvedor de jogos, e está óbvio que eu ultilizo o Construct 2.

    Recomendo a todos!

    É só isso mesmo...

  • Hi Everyone, Looking forward to getting stuck into C2. Have been playing around with the tutorials and it looks like just the thing ive been looking for

  • Hello! My name is Semen. I am from Russia.

    I learned about your service of course.

  • Hey everyone. I'm new to this. I'm from LA area.

  • Hi i am more a software dev but read an article about construct and decided to see how it works.

  • I am a university student doing software engineering. i heard about it from a friend. so gonna try now! will be glad if i receive some good advice on how to use it!

  • Hello,

    I am Osama, a web developer.

  • I like cheez.

  • Hello, I'm Ben!

    I'm learning C2 and I have a lot of experience in clickteam's software and 3D modeling

    Oh, and i'm from Chicago, IL USA

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  • ola

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