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  • Всем привет! Меня зовут, Алекс)

  • Hi guys.

  • Hi guys! i´m sebastian, from argentina, just starting on this amazing game development world! hope we have fun!

  • Hey guys,

    I take those lines to introduce myself briefly - I study no CS, actually its economics but coding has always been my interest, so were the game. Right now I am working on a few web pages and in order to do that a have gone pretty well throught the basics of HTML, CSS and Photoshop also Adobe Illustrator and I either got some basics of Python and conceptual thinkig about programming.

    So, by Construct I expect to gain better understanding of the programming languages and a faster progress in its understanding, I want to more understand, as to construct, or atleast before. Thats why I consider construct great. I got told about this program by a mate who studies with me in Finland on a student exchange. Hey you

    I also engage in codeacademy...

    See you around

  • Hi, I'm Ian. I've been interested in making games for a while now and I've been using Unreal Development Kit, and have tried out Blender and Unity before hearing about Construct 2. So I decided to give it a try and see how it goes. Nice to meet you all.

  • Im Aasmund (the first letter Å isnt in english), from Norway. Have used Unreal Engine 4 for 3D games and tried Unity3D for 2D games, but I dont like Unity3D installs itself and the import-setup. When I saw Construct 2 i feelt that this is for me. I also bought the personal licence and just bought Spriter, so now I have a complete pipeline for 2D game-developement The community is friendly and active and that what I like when Im using Construct 2.

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  • Hey guys

    Hello World

  • Im james and i wanted to learn how to code so if NerdCubed can i probably can to.

  • Hi I am Filip

  • hey

  • Hey everyone, I'm young beginner gamedev from Ukraine.

    Decided to degrade from Unity and Corona SDK and give a try to Construct2

  • Hi I'm Janis, herd about this amazing program in GGJ

  • (EN-US)

    I participated in two editions of the Global Game Jam and 3 Ludum Dare. Instead of talking about myself (something you may tire of reading and can ask me another time, kkkk), I will present what I think and why I'm here.

    For myself, games speak more of the people and their esxpressão needs. When I create something, I always try to think of those who actually will play. I believe the gaming world found me in a very good phase of its growth. I have created more than 30 games, finished off several of them, I say, completed its development, finding that the only way we learn to create concepts that actually add up to people's lives.

    Being here means not only that I use Contruct 2 Scirra, but it makes me feel that I can be part of something bigger, with people who want to give others part of your point of view and thus give them unique experiences and meaningful to their lives.

    I hope I can contribute, share and innovate in a collaborative and intelligent way. I started this universe with his left foot, but I think now I have the maturity to work with all of you.

    Pleasure .. Luiz, how can I help?


    Participei de 2 edições do Global Game Jam e 3 do Ludum Dare. Ao invés de falar sobre minha pessoa (algo que vocês podem cansar de ler e podem me perguntar em outro momento, kkkk), irei apresentar do que penso e porquê estou aqui.

    Para minha pessoa, jogos falam mais das pessoas e suas necessidades de esxpressão. Quando crio algo, tento pensar sempre naqueles que de fato irão jogar. Acredito que o universo de jogos me encontrou em uma fase muito boa de seu crescimento. Já criei mais de 30 jogos, finalizei vários deles, digo, completei seu desenvolvimento, descobrindo que somente assim aprendemos a criar conceitos que de fato somem para a vida das pessoas.

    Estar aqui não significa apenas que utilizo o Contruct 2 da Scirra, mas me faz sentir que posso fazer parte de algo maior, com pessoas que querem conceder a outras pessoas parte do seu ponto de vista e assim dar a elas experiências unicas e significativas para suas vidas.

    Espero que eu possa contribuir, compartilhar e inovar, de forma colaborativa e inteligente. Iniciei neste universo com o pé esquerdo, mas acredito que agora tenho maturidade para colaborar com todos vocês.

    Prazer.. Luiz, como posso ajudar?

  • Hi i'm Nikolay

    i'm here to learn and hopefully create something.

  • Hi,

    My name is Vitor and i'm here to, hopefully, learn how to make video games !

    I'm also from portugal,if it matters xD

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