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  • Is it possible to play games developed from Construct 2 on kinect/leapmotion?

  • Hi, my name is Volodymyr. I'm from Ukraine. I liked playing video games since I was a kid, so when I grew up I decided to start making my own. My first gaming experiences were on NES and IBM 386. That's why (I guess) my favorite genres are platformers, turn-based strategies and classic RPGs.

    When I decided to start my first game I almost didn't know anything about programming. But thanks to Scirra it wasn't a huge problem . My first games were made on Consruct Classic and after a few years I migrated to C2 (full list of my completed games can be found on my website).

    Now I work as a game designer at small gamedev studio called Dragon's Games. But I haven't abandoned my favorite hobby and continue to work on my own games.

  • My name is elisha

  • Hi all !

    I've been here for a bit but never took the time to introduce myself. I've been working in the game industry for a while, and I use tools like C2 in my spare time to work on some personal ideas and projects.

    Have fun

  • Hi My name is Mohammed. Construct 2 seems to be a very promising game development engine, perfect for me to try few ideas here and there with minimal budget and rusty coding skills. The journey starts here and now! Join or dare.

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  • Well hi there

    My name is Tom, I've been using Construct 2 for a few months, and I'm finally finding my feet.

    I'm trying my hand at making sprites, I'm planning a couple of small games a castle tower defence style game, and an exploration platformer, with some lovely pixely sprites

    I've completed one (very) small game, which you can check out in the feedback request forum

  • Hi all!

  • Hello my name is Joey I'm new to this forum and really excited to be on here yeah

  • Hello?

  • Hello,everyone.I am new here.Nice to see you guys.

  • Hi All! I'm trying out Construct2 for the first time. This will be exciting

  • Hi all, really liking what i can do here so far.

  • Hello. I'm only posting here to get my badge

    Seriously though. I've been here for a little while and feel confident about what can be achieved with C2 and the help of this forum.

    My real name is David, but don't tell the others!

  • Hello thread! I am excited to try out your new games!

  • Good Program.....

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