The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi all!

  • Hello my name is Joey I'm new to this forum and really excited to be on here yeah

  • Hello?

  • Hello,everyone.I am new here.Nice to see you guys.

  • Hi All! I'm trying out Construct2 for the first time. This will be exciting

  • Hi all, really liking what i can do here so far.

  • Hello. I'm only posting here to get my badge

    Seriously though. I've been here for a little while and feel confident about what can be achieved with C2 and the help of this forum.

    My real name is David, but don't tell the others!

  • Hello thread! I am excited to try out your new games!

  • Good Program.....

  • Всем привет! Меня зовут, Алекс)

  • Hi guys.

  • Hi guys! i´m sebastian, from argentina, just starting on this amazing game development world! hope we have fun!

  • Hey guys,

    I take those lines to introduce myself briefly - I study no CS, actually its economics but coding has always been my interest, so were the game. Right now I am working on a few web pages and in order to do that a have gone pretty well throught the basics of HTML, CSS and Photoshop also Adobe Illustrator and I either got some basics of Python and conceptual thinkig about programming.

    So, by Construct I expect to gain better understanding of the programming languages and a faster progress in its understanding, I want to more understand, as to construct, or atleast before. Thats why I consider construct great. I got told about this program by a mate who studies with me in Finland on a student exchange. Hey you

    I also engage in codeacademy...

    See you around

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  • Hi, I'm Ian. I've been interested in making games for a while now and I've been using Unreal Development Kit, and have tried out Blender and Unity before hearing about Construct 2. So I decided to give it a try and see how it goes. Nice to meet you all.

  • Im Aasmund (the first letter Å isnt in english), from Norway. Have used Unreal Engine 4 for 3D games and tried Unity3D for 2D games, but I dont like Unity3D installs itself and the import-setup. When I saw Construct 2 i feelt that this is for me. I also bought the personal licence and just bought Spriter, so now I have a complete pipeline for 2D game-developement The community is friendly and active and that what I like when Im using Construct 2.

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