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  • hello!!

  • Hi, I am a game developer. Used construct for about a year.

  • Hey guys! Pretty new to game dev, but heard I could try and start here with Construct 2. Wish me luck!

  • Hello I am just starting game dev but hopefully I can get really good at it.

  • Russia

  • Hello, its first time for me to learn building a mobile game! please guide me.

  • Hi all

    Im just starting out with C2. Having worked with IT for 22 years there's a lot which is not new to me. -But making mobile apps is not something I've done before. Im not a skilled programmer but I can pretty much read and understand any object oriented programming language. I just can't program myself. That's why C2 seems perfect for my needs. Im also impressed with the tutorials, manual and not least this forum. Seems there's a great community here. Looking forward to be a part of it.

    Best Regards,


  • Hi everybody,

    My real name is Othmane and I want to be videogame designer.

  • Hi, my name's Phil and my first experience with computers was programming in BASIC on the Commodore PET - which should indicate how ancient I am.

    Had a lot of teenage fun mucking about with Z80 machine code and a single bit-plane and I've played with all sorts of stuff over the years - mainly 3D, graphics and multimedia - including on the Amiga 1200, some Macs and many, many PCs. (I remember the days when a 486 DX66 was a powerhouse...)

    I came across Construct 2 looking for something to use with my 8yo to build games, having already tried him on Scratch and a bit of Python. So far it's been great. We're working through some of the tutorials, and the IDE seems really easy to use and several universes ahead of PEEKing and POKEing on the Spectrum!

    Looking forward to many hours of fun.

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  • I downloaded the free version of Construct 2 to see if I could teach my 7 year old how to make a game of his own. He knows how to program in Java (addition, subtraction, printing his own name). Does anyone have recommendations for tutorials?

  • Hello everyone!

    For years I have wanted to easily make games and now I have found a way to through Connect 2.

    I am still new to development though I am starting to understand art and basic code.

    Hope to see you guy's around the forum!

  • Hi all, I'm Wookie - a nickname assigned about 30 years ago when I avoided haircuts/shaving for many years and bore a striking resemblance to a star wars character. The Ogre part comes from an old online gaming clan, the Old Geezers Riot Excursion.

    For a few years now I've been trying to program a game in VB Express and I'm now looking for a platform that will integrate better with facebook use.

    The original game was invented back in the hairy days as a board game (about 20 kilos of chipboard mountain with lead figures from the warhammer/D&D range). Its been played by about 100 or so people through the years and all have enjoyed the experience so I thought it was worth "computerizing". (If anyone wants a play on the VB version, drop a reply here and I'll stick a download link in).


  • heyo everyone

  • hi i want to make a video game

  • Hello guys! Just started learning Construst 2 few days ago, lots of tutorials still need to watch but so far I have a good time learning it.

    Might as well upgrade my free license if all works well --read: if I'm smart enough to create something out of it

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