The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello, I'm Komunela.

  • Hello everyone, my name is Jimmy and I am from Los Angeles, California. I've been a huge gamer for 30 years and several years ago, I decided to go from being just a gamer and to actually become a game developer. I went to school and got a degree in art to start working towards my developer goal then I went to work for Activision as a QA Tester and worked on a triple a title. Now I want to actually develop some small time games of my own to get more experience under my belt and to beef up my portfolio. My friend Josh told me about this program and advised me to give it a shot so I figured why not. So enough time on this post... time to check this program out. Talk to you all later.

  • Hi $crowd,

    30 yo white male here.

    Finally, after my first 3 years in an IT job -- (first 3 years in a proper full time job, really) -- I can put the skills acquired to good use in pusuite of the default dream of my generation: putting together _the_ game.

    Let's see how far I can make it.

    Looking forward to meeting you.

    (at least the ones i can agree with )

  • Hey everybody, I'm Kyle Bob. I used to make a lot of Flash games but about a year ago I finally switched to HTML5. I usually try to make my games as ridiculous as possible. For example, one is made entirely out of bacon, another is hobos fighting over grilled cheese, etc. I guess I also make games about food a lot. So anyway, it's nice to be here. Hopefully I'll be able to learn more about Construct and all that.

  • Hi All, I'm Thorn. I'm just a regular dude who decided straight out of high school I wanted to make games. I've grown up with them ever since I was a kid, and was inspired to make something that others can enjoy. I went to college and got a degree in games design, and I sell video games as my day job. I like to surround myself with games, because they inspire me and keep me motivated. I've started a few projects but never got them to completion, however I am working on a title now that I intend to see to the end. This is my first time developing for HTML5, but I hope that I can eventually publish on many platforms and spread the joy. I hope you all get to experience some of my creativity in the future.

  • Hi guys, Just downloaded construct 2 for the first time. Well, technically I've had it before. I did a game creation course where I made a top down shooter in this before. It was cool.

  • My name is James I'm 32 years old from Dublin Ireland. After finishing college where i studied animation I've gone on to do internships (not recommended under the Irish Jobbridge sceme) so just so your aware, some Irish marketing companies out there are too small for their boots and will use interns as slaves. If you do get an internship under jobbridge make sure you give honest feedback at the mid intern interview with the jobbridge representitive. I made the mistake of saying my mentor was doing a good job when clearly he was doing sweet FA. I've also done some work in the Irish animation industry. As of recent i had been looking at game development using Flash and after looking around for a while i came across this website and got the demo. I then bought the full licence and am now hoping to produce something half good to help me earn employment in the games industry.

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  • Hi , I'm joseph. I wanted to make games. i'm beginner.

  • Hi all! My name is Txedo, I am 30 years old from Spain. I think that Construct2 is a great tool to prototype and test ideas and, if the performance is OK on Android and iOS devices, maybe publish them in app stores.

    I just wanted to highlight that a MAC version would be really appreciated. Currently, I'm running Construct2 on a Windows 8.1 over VirtualBox on a MacBook Pro 13". It is not crashing for now, but performance is not at its best.

  • Hello! I found out about this program from OfficialNerdCubed's Youtube channel and the website. My name is Kinleyps and I have aspired to make my ideas into amazing games.

  • Hey,

    I am Berrycom, and brand new to game dev, but its an area I always wanted to go into.

    Found it on Reddit, and thought I should give it a go...

    Wish me luck.


  • Good luck berry! Can't be easier than with c2.

  • Hey There,

    I am new here and to Construct but I have used Game Maker Studio, Unity3D, XNA, Unigine and UDK / Unreal Engine 3. My plan for Construct is to use it for prototyping new ideas quickly and from what I have seen it looks like it will be great for that.

  • Me entere de este gran programa hace algunos años y cree mis personajes y una buena historia, pase a limpio algunos escenarios y personajes ,pero bueno me detuve porque estaba ahorrando para comprarme una Wacon, por que pasar mis personajes a limpio con el mouse, ES MUY DIFICIL. Sabia manejar bien el programa, pero bueno como todo en la vida tengo que actualizarme.

  • Hi guys! I'm a Social Communication student, fully in love with video games. A few months ago I tried out an app from Apple, called GameSalad... but I do not own a Mac, and the Windows version is quite unstable... So, I kinda stopped my illussion of becoming my own video game developer. But just a few seconds ago, I saw a video on Youtube explaining what Construct 2 was, and well, here I am! I expect to see you soon, with a finished video game of my own. Thanks! I wish you all fellow developers good ideas and good luck

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