The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello, my name's Adam and I'm pretty new to Construct 2 and this website. Any tips on how to use the Program and any for the site, Thanks

  • Hello... My name is Matt. I finally got around to introducing my self.

    I'm having a great time with Construct 2!

    Game number one is well on its way.

    Game number two is maybe a day or two away from being completed.

  • Hello, I am TheMrIlikefood (or at least that's the closest you'll ever get to knowing my name) and I am a teenage Youtuber (I am a gamer of course that's what us teens do...we're usually not very good but...) and I am beginning to learn how to make video games I'm downloading a few game development software...things to see which is best. So, I read a article about creating video games, and came across Construct, so that's just some very basic stuff about who I am and how I got here today...actually I'm 10 minutes from midnight right now so it's more like tonight but that's irrelevant.

    If any of you are interested in the article that brought me here, here's the link to it: Well actually I don't have enough rep to post URL's but I'll make sure to edit it in when I get enough, until, here's the explanation to why it's not there.

  • Hi my name's Nick I am from Burnley in England. I am training to be a software developer which is where I heard about Scirra and the Construct 2 program. I have been a gamer all my life and am very critical when it comes to my opinion of a games finer details. I have some great (or at least I think so) game ideas and hope that this can help me progress to the future I want.

  • Hello everyone, now have project with Construct 2. I'm back to play around and build a game .

  • Hi im Jacob im 13

  • hi all,

    old gamer, old programmer, new to programming games and heard about construct 2 so thought to have a look!

    currently working as an IT tech for myself but thought its about time to look into writing some games and maybe try earning some coin but we shall see

  • Hola me acabo de unir a la comunidad tengo una pregunta

    como hago para comprar Construct 2?

  • Hello World!

  • Hi, i'm Italo Berg. I'm a student.

  • I heard about this engine on the Greenheart Games forum, and it looks very interesting!

  • A great website!! Looking forward to start making some games

  • Hi, I am new to game development but have been writing code for 25 years. Looking forward to learning something new.

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  • Hello

  • Hello I'm JockoTM And I'm Beginer at making games

    I really want to make games and that was my dream

    I hope that my dream came true

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