The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • I want this app because I am creating a game for an application. But I can't afford it because I have to pay for the school if I get in with this game. My friends --Taha-- Found this website for me and it is very help. l I learned about the app and everything but when I go to get it I realized it costs money! I was just trying this to see if maybe I can create a game online.

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  • Thank you all so much for playing my game Pencil VS Computers



  • Greetings! My name is Olu, I wanted to learn how to design a 2D game, so I googled 2D game design and found Construct 2. I have completed the starting tutorial and am now looking to become more proficient with Construct 2. Looking forward to learning from the community!!!!

  • Hi,

    I'm completely new to game design and would like to get into it as a hobby. I look forward to working with the Construct 2 software!

    -J.R. Yager

  • Hi. I'm Lyna.

    I've joined this site exactly 98 days ago. I think I've bought Construct 2 100 days ago.

    In that time, I've created around 10 games or apps with Construct 2 as HTML5 games and have had 5 of them published in GooglePlay.



  • Hi, I am student from Croatia, I'm 16 and I want earn some money.

  • Hi,

    I just love building games with my kids. I used to work at one of the largest mobile game companies and want to teach my kids all about building great games. C2 is an awesome tool for that as it provides instant gratification even to non coders.

  • Hi, I want to make a tower defense game where you control the enemies trying to reach the end. Similar to a normal tower defense game you would choose the characters that you would want to try to get to the end. If anyone can help me get started I would be very thankful.

  • Hi, I'm Lucas and I want to make funny games.

  • Hey ho! Hot potato!! Ah god damnit..

    My name's Soota.. need to make a creepy game you know.. Need the skills right?.. Don't have them at this moment..

    Will get there! ... Someday.. just.. EHG.. Lazyness is taking over.. no.. NO..

    Keep ya updated!

    With nothing, because im lazy..

  • Hello all, Tony from Australia here, introducing my self as a creative soul with an out of the box imagination that might be helpful for game making. I have always been interested in using my creativity for game creation/design but have not the time to learn fully a programming language though I have had some basic introduction into, Assembler, Basic and C, C+ years ago. So I am really looking for the right tools to use for my new adventure. I would also like to contribute to this community as much if not more than what I take from it. So I again say hello, and looking forward to tasting what Construct 2 has to offer.


  • Hi Scirra,

    I've always wanted to make games, but never took the time to learn. I've went through the two beginner tutorials here and started work on my first game, Fruits Escape! I look forward to learning more about the amazing features Construct 2 has to offer!


  • Hi, I'm a newbie and I hope to build some awesome games

  • Hello construktors!

    Im Sanjay from India. An advertising guy by profession and a die hard gamer by night. I hit upon what i thought was a kick ass idea for a mobile game and was subsequently surprised to discover nobody had used the concept. With zero programming skills, i'm diving head first into Construct. Let's see how far i get. YOLO apparently.

  • Hi world! Me and my buddies have some awesome 2D game idea. I am the only one with a coding exp so I'm trying softwares to see whats best to use. Looking forward to knowing more about Construct 2!

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