The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi all , My name Bagus , I student From Indonesia , I Interest with this Program

  • Yo, names Bond, Diamond Bond,

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  • Hy, my name is Tom, from Croatia, a begginer!

  • My name Daniil.Rossiya .

  • Hello all! 28 year old computer science student from Utica College NY!

  • Hi All,

    My name is ecoay and I am a full time, web developer, dad, and husband. I am a part-time gamer, streamer, and designer. I am currently learning the ins and out of unity but after watching a few Construct 2 streams I figured I would develop a few game in it with some fellow streamers and have fun making the games we want to play. We chose C2 over Unity for our projects because I am the only one of the group with a programming background.

  • Hello everybody!

    My name is Marc from France.

    I love to design colorfull univers and character !

  • Hi everyone,

    I have been lurking for a while, and thought it was time to introduce myself. I am a 34-year-old student in Media Science, and am currently in an internship at a semi-governmental organisation. My jobdescription entails the development and creation of a non-commercial game, which they can use for recruitment purposes. I am using Construct 2 for the job .

    This is my first ever game with Construct 2, so it's a matter of trial and error. I am very grateful for the excellent posts and tutorials on the site, and found many a good tip & trick here, which I attempt to adapt to my project. A big thank you to all, who share their experiences and have helped me and others!

    • Lady D
  • hi! my name is Janna and i'm a young video game developer/designer. i've developed three games with unity ( gonna be published soon ), a test game with GameSalad and a platform game with Construct 2. i'm still experimenting with Construct 2 and it works great!

    so i allowed myself to interview myself!

    What's your full name?

    Janna Mohammed Badawy

    How old are you?

    12 right now, gonna be 13 next year. ( i know that you may think that i'm small to join this amazing community but i'm improving my programming skills and i'd love if you could support me )

    what do you wanna be when you grow up?

    I seriously want to be a game developer and open my little game company which will make games of all kinds! the urge of becoming a programmer took me from when i was 10, when my mean computer teacher ( i'm sorry but she was actually pretty mean to me ) introduced us to HTML, and that when the doors of heaven have been opened infront of my eyes ( funny thing: my name means Heaven in Arabic ). however, my dad encouraged me to practice more and love programming since he's a programmer himself.

    Why did you choose Construct 2?

    i actually heard about construct 2 from 2 months but i was too lazy to download it (i'm sorry) however, when i downloaded it last week i made a platform game in 1 week! Construct 2 is the best game engine for HTML 5 games however i'd love if the Android performance is better



  • Hey i just want the prize

  • I am currently attending the University of California, Irvine, and I heard about this through the YouTuber Bucky.

  • Hi, Am New to construct 2 . It is verrryyy goood

  • Hi there

    My name is Siniša and im from Zagreb, Croatia. Just turned 34 and just found out about Scirra and Construct. Maybe too old to begin making video games, but it' never to late to start, eh?

    I have been playing video games all my life and for the last few years i wanted to get into the industry. I found out about you through Machina - - Croatian based Game Design centre.

    Im soo glad i found you, now all i need is a cool idea and some luck i guess.

    Glad to be here!


  • Hello! I'm new to Construct 2... I'm from Brazil and study design for services and I want to create a game, after framework study... so I'm learning about Games and Apps.

  • Been using Construct 2 for well over a month now, even made a few posts but introducing myself got a bit delayed cause I didn't find this thread at first. Better late than never I guess:

    I'm Valtteri (Finnish equivalent for "Walter") and been playing games since I got some from cereal boxes in the 90s and then spent too many hours playing Pokemon Yellow on GameBoy. As long as I've been playing games, I've also been drawing. I studied in an upper secondary school of visual arts for 3 years (similar to a college prep HS in the states, that's what wikipedia says anyway ). My first school year also happened to be the anniversary of the school and I attended 2 speeches by ex-students working in the game industry. Around the same year, Finnish mobile game Angry Birds went rival and I heard about a game called Minecraft people were addicted to. It blew my mind when I read that Minecraft was developed by a single Swedish-Finnish dude and realized that he had just become an online celebrity and a millionaire in a matter of months. I knew I wanted to become a game artist.

    Graduated from the school last year, had a gap year and now I'm 20, studying game design in a private academy for one year. Still, I had not made any games, because I didn't know how to code. One October night, I googled something like "making games without knowing how to code" and ended up at Downloaded Construct 2 the next day and I knew I had the piece I had been missing from making my dream come true. Next week in the academy, we were told to come up with a simple concept for a game. I made a prototype of that game idea the next morning, in just 2 hours using construct 2.

    I've been working on that same game idea and it has escalated to the point where I'm thinking of publishing the game for mobile sometime next year.

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