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  • Hello Guys,

    i am aman and i live in united arab emirates and i am b-tech graduated and i wanted to make a game for android users so i finded this software on google so i am gonna try this

  • Hello my name is Alex and I got this programme to produce a game for my school work

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  • привет всем! Меня зовут Влад, узнал о данной программе с соцсети " ВК" . Хочу попробовать создать игру)

  • Greetings. I am new... Love Milan

  • Hey developers Construct 2.

    I am Eric Koga, I Living in Viradouro who is located in São Paulo. I Started with Construct 2 today. What the language programming who is use in Construct?


  • Hello World!

    I stumbled across this by pure chance and I am SOOOO glad i did!

    The creator is just so easy to use and ever since downloading the free version i'm itching to get the upgrade to Personal. Baby steps, of course, and i'm just getting a few games under my name to test what i can and can't achieve.

    Needless to say I've already got 1 game done just in time for Christmas called "Catch the Presents" Check out the 'Works in Progress/Feedback Requests' forum for more info (PLUG PLUG PLUG)

    Once again I am glad to have found this app!

    Peace out


  • Hello everyone....I came across Construct 2 performing a search.

    Looks very interesting...anyone have any suggestions on best place to start.

    My plan is to download the app, learn a few things and then upgrade.

  • hello

  • Hi my name is Salim and i want to create my first game so i hope you will help me guys.

    thank you in advance .

  • Hi!

    My name is Flo and I'm a 2D artist and game dev. I'm currently finishing my studies and working as a 2D artist in the gaming industry.

    I like to create small stuff in my spare time, and I used to work with Game Maker or Unity 3D. Quite frankly, I thought Construct 2 was limited. Boy, was I wrong!

    Aurelien Regard, the guy behind the awesome game The Next Penelope, convinced me to try the engine. The layers, the effects, and overall simplicity makes the engine super pleasant to use. I didn't go very far for now but I can see all the possibilities. The ability to go beyond events and behaviors to be able to script is also an important feature in an engine.

    Anyway, Construct 2 convinced me, the licence price is really fair so I will get mine right now!

    I did this small interactive thingy with the free version in no time, when a small jam was about to finish : <edit : can't post link yet apparently, I will edit when I can>. I hope to spend a lot of time here, and to have a lot of cool stuff to show you!

    See you!

  • Hi.

  • Hello I am new to this community of learners. My name is Sean. I am new at making games. I Hope this place help s.

  • Hi,

    I do have some development background (see

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    ) but I bought C2 anyhow because I expect to have faster turnarounds on rapid prototyping. I also want to support the Scirra startup.

    I learned about C2 on the 'next level' conference in Dortmund, Germany at a workshop hosted by Dirk Mempel.



  • Hi,

    My name is Adit. I'm a student majoring in game technology. I'm interested in game developing very much, especially game programming . I'm trying to learn construct 2, I hope this forum helps me

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