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  • Hello everyone....I came across Construct 2 performing a search.

    Looks very interesting...anyone have any suggestions on best place to start.

    My plan is to download the app, learn a few things and then upgrade.

  • hello

  • Hi my name is Salim and i want to create my first game so i hope you will help me guys.

    thank you in advance .

  • Hi!

    My name is Flo and I'm a 2D artist and game dev. I'm currently finishing my studies and working as a 2D artist in the gaming industry.

    I like to create small stuff in my spare time, and I used to work with Game Maker or Unity 3D. Quite frankly, I thought Construct 2 was limited. Boy, was I wrong!

    Aurelien Regard, the guy behind the awesome game The Next Penelope, convinced me to try the engine. The layers, the effects, and overall simplicity makes the engine super pleasant to use. I didn't go very far for now but I can see all the possibilities. The ability to go beyond events and behaviors to be able to script is also an important feature in an engine.

    Anyway, Construct 2 convinced me, the licence price is really fair so I will get mine right now!

    I did this small interactive thingy with the free version in no time, when a small jam was about to finish : <edit : can't post link yet apparently, I will edit when I can>. I hope to spend a lot of time here, and to have a lot of cool stuff to show you!

    See you!

  • Hi.

  • Hello I am new to this community of learners. My name is Sean. I am new at making games. I Hope this place help s.

  • Hi,

    I do have some development background (see

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    ) but I bought C2 anyhow because I expect to have faster turnarounds on rapid prototyping. I also want to support the Scirra startup.

    I learned about C2 on the 'next level' conference in Dortmund, Germany at a workshop hosted by Dirk Mempel.



  • Hi,

    My name is Adit. I'm a student majoring in game technology. I'm interested in game developing very much, especially game programming . I'm trying to learn construct 2, I hope this forum helps me

  • Hello, My name is Henry. I hope to have loads of conversations on this website, and learn loads as I wish to make games for a living!

  • Hello!!

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  • Hi! I`m Alexander, hope for productive coop in gamebuilding

  • Please allow me to introduce myself

    I'm a man of wealth and taste

    I've been around for a long, long year

    Stole many a man's soul to waste...

    ..........Pleased to meet you

    Hope you guessed my name, mm yeah


  • Well, I'm currently just looking into Construct 2 out of curiosity. Part of me wants to try to develop a game for the Wii U, but I'm not sure yet. Just thinking around.

    So, about me... I'm a senior in college. I know JavaScript, Visual Basic, C++, Java, and HTML5/CSS3. My last game-related projects were a simple text-based RPG in C++ and I made a little platformer in my JavaScript class using the Enchantjs framework. I'm also an avid Heavy Metal fan. My favorite genres of Metal are Doom and its heavier variants (Death/Doom and Funeral Doom), Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal, and Death Metal.

    As for gaming, my favorite games will also be Nintendo. I believe they make the best games from a design and aesthetic perspective, even if they are still lacking on the online front (but at least they're getting there!). But at the same time, I appreciate all games. I own approximately 1,300 games spanning 24 platforms. My favorite consoles are the Wii U, NES, GameCube, Virtual Boy, and PlayStation. I also enjoy more obscure consoles like the Turbografx-16. (I want a Vectrex badly!)

    Anyway, so that's enough about me. You'll see more of me if I decide to to use this application.

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