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  • Hi Everyone,

    This is my first question on the forum. I need help with XML plugin - How to use it. I am trying to pull data from mysql database using ajax and XML. But I cannot load the XML into construct 2. I use the following php to pull the data from the database and convert it into XML. But I do not know how to load it into construct 2. Can someone help me?

    Here is the php code I use --> Converting database information in XML format.


    header("Content-Type: text/xml"); //set the content type to xml

    // Initialize the xmlOutput variable

    $xmlBody = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>';

    $xmlBody .= "<XML>";

    // Connect to your MySQL database whatever way you like to here

    $dbhost = "xxx";

    $dbuser = "xxx";

    $dbpass = "xxx";

    $dbname = "xxx";

    mysql_connect("$dbhost","$dbuser","$dbpass") or die (mysql_error());

    mysql_select_db("$dbname") or die ("no database");

    // Execute the Query on the database to select items(20 in this example)

    $sql = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM teacher ORDER BY ID LIMIT 0, 10");

    while($row = mysql_fetch_array($sql)){

    // Set DB variables into local variables for easier use

    $id = $row["ID"];

    $teacherName = $row["teacherName"];

    $teacherPassword = $row["teacherPassword"];

    $email = $row["email"];

    $date = $row["date"];

    // Start filling the $xmlBody variable with looping content here inside the while loop

    // It will loop through 20 items from the database and render into XML format

    $xmlBody .= '


    <DataID>' . $id . '</DataID>

    <TeacherName>' . $teacherName . '</TeacherName>

    <TeacherPassword>' . $teacherPassword . '</TeacherPassword>

    <Email>' . $email . '</Email>

    <Date>' . $date . '</Date>


    } // End while loop

    mysql_close(); // close the mysql database connection

    $xmlBody .= "</XML>";

    echo $xmlBody; // output the gallery data as XML file for flash


  • Hello all

    newbie here, just found out about this application (may bad!), because usually use other game creator (have been used it a long time).

    So, I hope I can contribute here.... thanks.

  • Hello.. my name Samuel Gandang Gunanto. I am from Indonesia. Thanks

  • Hi,

    Heard Through MVA..

    Great Tool for starting developing great simple games and that too so quickly..


  • Hello World!

    I'm currently making a Metroidvania, an Android Game and movies!

    I'm a audio/video editor and wanna-be game designer.

  • hi! This is Ann. Wanted to say hello!


    I am a freelance Graphics Artist. I just submitted my first asset bundle called Sweets Overload which is under review. I am a platinum designer on 99designs.

    Let me know if you need any specific assets for your game/app so I can work and bring 'em to the store.

    Thank you and have a great day!

  • Hi, I am just curious as to how games are developed, and wish to have the experience of creating it myself. Hopefully, with some hard work and all people's help on forum, I will be able to learn how to create a game!

  • Hello everyone!

    I'm new here, about to get my Construct 2 license. Hope to share great experiences with you all!

    Greetings from the Dominican Republic!

  • Hello, I have little programing experience But I love games and want to make them.

  • I am working for an IT company. I want to be a professional game developer.

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm new here.

    I live in Switzerland, I work for an IT company,

    as a developer in the internet field.

    I am a passionate of 2D and 3D video games.

    I want to test this program because I am interested in making a small 2d game.

    Greetings from Switzerland


  • Hi guys!

    This is Frank, and I'm from the Philippines. I'm a Freelance computer technician and have a little experience in programming. One of my dream is to make 2D games, and i found this! I'm planning to buy a license pretty soon. Thank you for this wonderful software!

  • Im a new game developer. In school, majoring in Simulation and Game Development. I hope you like my games. Any comment/question about them or I, please E-Mail me at .

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  • Hi there I'm Darkbayn, I'm excited to start building games in Construct! I like burritos, long walks on the beach, and slaughtering titans. So. Yeah, this is a pretty good place for me, I guess.

    Nice to meet you!

  • Hi there!

    I'm Fazhen and I love puzzle games, I started programming in FoxPro but I never liked programming. But I love graphic design and I would like to create a simple and beautiful game using Construct2, I think is a perfect tool for me because gives me the time to focus in little details and makes all the coding part much easier and visual. I'm from Argentina but I love travelling and I've been living in Norway for a year working as a voluntary graphic and web designer, as well as collaborating with different social organisations. I love cooking and I'm a theologian also. (love to say that at job interviews).

    Greetings and keep it up doing what you love,

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