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  • my license file is not working please idea

  • uh...hello >>

    I'm Charlie and I'm 21 so my earliest gaming experience comes from the SNES...these days I mostly just play xbox. The only experience I have with anything that even resembles making video games is coding robots back in high school, you know, the basic stuff like building those little battle robots and the I figured I'd give Construct a shot because it seems easy enough to grasp without needing an entire degree or something. ^^;

  • Time for the Introduction post.

    I programmed ASM, C and C++ in the past, mostly just as a hobby. Began learning JAVA but somehow it really did not make much sense to me. I played around with Game Maker but it lacked a lot of functions. Played around with Unity but was a tad bit complicated for my expertise. Found Construct 2 and love how easy everything falls into place.

    Coming from the world of C++ I see myself constantly trying to implement functions like in C++ and forget this is not a programming environment like C++ and stumble on some minor issues. But with the simplicity of design Construct 2 really makes it easy to stumble right back in the drivers seat.

    I am now a hobbyist / Indie game programmer / designer. I would like to get more into this as I have always loved programming games but never really released anything. I hope Construct 2 will help me there!

    Anyways, like everyone else that gets into game design I have a ton of ideas on how I can make a game Soooo much better, that is the whole reason why I got into this in from the start.

    I am going to post a lot of questions so bare with me


  • Hi all, I figured I'd mess around a bit with game development, I intend to get some experience and then maybe start making some flash games. I went through the tutorial and am very pleased with how user friendly this software is, so glad I don't have to write out all the individual lines of code

  • Hi,

    nice to meet you all.

    My name is Stephan and I´m extremly excited about the great construt2-community.

    Making a little smartphone-game was a long-time-dream since my childhood (like Super Mario World or other funny stuff etc.) that can become true with this tools and knowledge here.

    So that is the reason why I´m glad to be here.

    Thank you

  • I am a esl teacher in South Korea. I have always wanted to make simple educational games for kids. I am very new to this stuff. HOpe i lile it!

  • HI

  • how do I get to dayz

  • Hello fellow Construct 2 users. Mi name is Alexander Petrov Sanchez, but you can call me Aleph Wren, that's how I'm known of Facebook.

    I create music and audio for videogames and I always had a special interest for creating my own games since I was 7 years old. I told my dad once: "Dad, I've been playing games. But I also want to create them!" And he taught me a bit of QBasic. Well, more than teaching me he showed me something simple you can accomplish, a welcoming screen with your name in it as an input first. So it's like "place your name here" then Hi Alexander! or whatever your name is.

    I compose music since 2007 in a more polished way, when I was 12 I started to try to make games with game maker and some other tools, I created my own musics with Music Sculptor, my first known midi software. But believe me, the music I made back then and the one I make nowadays is completely different.

    Well I don't want to extend myself much more, there's probably a ton of new people who want to introduce themselves and you might be wanting to know their story so enough talking and let's continue making games.

    To those who are interested and want further reading and listening, check my blog and my soundcloud:

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  • I have been looking around for a quick solution to implementing the visual portion of my thesis. Originally I was going to code the interactions myself but as the time crunch began to weigh down on me I had to find a quicker solution.

    I'm a designer and programmer in the process of completing my MFA degree in Interactive Design and Game Programming with SCAD.

  • Hi Everyone,

    This is my first question on the forum. I need help with XML plugin - How to use it. I am trying to pull data from mysql database using ajax and XML. But I cannot load the XML into construct 2. I use the following php to pull the data from the database and convert it into XML. But I do not know how to load it into construct 2. Can someone help me?

    Here is the php code I use --> Converting database information in XML format.


    header("Content-Type: text/xml"); //set the content type to xml

    // Initialize the xmlOutput variable

    $xmlBody = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>';

    $xmlBody .= "<XML>";

    // Connect to your MySQL database whatever way you like to here

    $dbhost = "xxx";

    $dbuser = "xxx";

    $dbpass = "xxx";

    $dbname = "xxx";

    mysql_connect("$dbhost","$dbuser","$dbpass") or die (mysql_error());

    mysql_select_db("$dbname") or die ("no database");

    // Execute the Query on the database to select items(20 in this example)

    $sql = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM teacher ORDER BY ID LIMIT 0, 10");

    while($row = mysql_fetch_array($sql)){

    // Set DB variables into local variables for easier use

    $id = $row["ID"];

    $teacherName = $row["teacherName"];

    $teacherPassword = $row["teacherPassword"];

    $email = $row["email"];

    $date = $row["date"];

    // Start filling the $xmlBody variable with looping content here inside the while loop

    // It will loop through 20 items from the database and render into XML format

    $xmlBody .= '


    <DataID>' . $id . '</DataID>

    <TeacherName>' . $teacherName . '</TeacherName>

    <TeacherPassword>' . $teacherPassword . '</TeacherPassword>

    <Email>' . $email . '</Email>

    <Date>' . $date . '</Date>


    } // End while loop

    mysql_close(); // close the mysql database connection

    $xmlBody .= "</XML>";

    echo $xmlBody; // output the gallery data as XML file for flash


  • Hello all

    newbie here, just found out about this application (may bad!), because usually use other game creator (have been used it a long time).

    So, I hope I can contribute here.... thanks.

  • Hello.. my name Samuel Gandang Gunanto. I am from Indonesia. Thanks

  • Hi,

    Heard Through MVA..

    Great Tool for starting developing great simple games and that too so quickly..


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