The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello everyone!

    I'm new here, about to get my Construct 2 license. Hope to share great experiences with you all!

    Greetings from the Dominican Republic!

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  • Hello, I have little programing experience But I love games and want to make them.

  • I am working for an IT company. I want to be a professional game developer.

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm new here.

    I live in Switzerland, I work for an IT company,

    as a developer in the internet field.

    I am a passionate of 2D and 3D video games.

    I want to test this program because I am interested in making a small 2d game.

    Greetings from Switzerland


  • Hi guys!

    This is Frank, and I'm from the Philippines. I'm a Freelance computer technician and have a little experience in programming. One of my dream is to make 2D games, and i found this! I'm planning to buy a license pretty soon. Thank you for this wonderful software!

  • Im a new game developer. In school, majoring in Simulation and Game Development. I hope you like my games. Any comment/question about them or I, please E-Mail me at .

  • Hi there I'm Darkbayn, I'm excited to start building games in Construct! I like burritos, long walks on the beach, and slaughtering titans. So. Yeah, this is a pretty good place for me, I guess.

    Nice to meet you!

  • Hi there!

    I'm Fazhen and I love puzzle games, I started programming in FoxPro but I never liked programming. But I love graphic design and I would like to create a simple and beautiful game using Construct2, I think is a perfect tool for me because gives me the time to focus in little details and makes all the coding part much easier and visual. I'm from Argentina but I love travelling and I've been living in Norway for a year working as a voluntary graphic and web designer, as well as collaborating with different social organisations. I love cooking and I'm a theologian also. (love to say that at job interviews).

    Greetings and keep it up doing what you love,

  • Hi My name is Oshane

    growing up i play a lot of game in a scene my first game console was a play station 2 but i use to play Nintendo 64; the day of blow out cartridge to got game to play at that time it was fun and annoying but look at game now who would play a 64?

    But it was after i left high school and start work it came to me; I'm always playing game on saying that it is missing something else so i decided to try on make a game for my self.

    I'm a graphic designer at my work but sometime it a bit have for the idea to flow in but it time we'll all achieved our dream.

    Piece!!! Reid out!!!

  • hi my name is steven.

    i love video games more than most anything. They are a vent, a place to imagine, create...and they're fun to play. But more than anything else i've wanted to make my own games, watch my stories come to life and take pride in watching others play it and enjoy it. i've tried clickteam and gamemaker, but i couldnt get them, and hopefully ill get this better, maybe to the point where i can finally make my own gave. Here goes, and good luck to all others!!

  • hi i am GIANgames

    I always ask what would make your game so that I found with this program

    I met him through a friend and now my dream will be true

    THANKS sierra

  • im a spanish but use a translator, there I answer in English?

  • Hi all!

    My name is turny and im new in the developer branche

  • Hello! I just downloaded Construct 2 to give this whole game dev thing a whirl. I know JavaScript, lua, and C#, and I wanted to try my hand at something substantial.

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