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  • Hi My name is Oshane

    growing up i play a lot of game in a scene my first game console was a play station 2 but i use to play Nintendo 64; the day of blow out cartridge to got game to play at that time it was fun and annoying but look at game now who would play a 64?

    But it was after i left high school and start work it came to me; I'm always playing game on saying that it is missing something else so i decided to try on make a game for my self.

    I'm a graphic designer at my work but sometime it a bit have for the idea to flow in but it time we'll all achieved our dream.

    Piece!!! Reid out!!!

  • hi my name is steven.

    i love video games more than most anything. They are a vent, a place to imagine, create...and they're fun to play. But more than anything else i've wanted to make my own games, watch my stories come to life and take pride in watching others play it and enjoy it. i've tried clickteam and gamemaker, but i couldnt get them, and hopefully ill get this better, maybe to the point where i can finally make my own gave. Here goes, and good luck to all others!!

  • hi i am GIANgames

    I always ask what would make your game so that I found with this program

    I met him through a friend and now my dream will be true

    THANKS sierra

  • im a spanish but use a translator, there I answer in English?

  • Hi all!

    My name is turny and im new in the developer branche

  • Hello! I just downloaded Construct 2 to give this whole game dev thing a whirl. I know JavaScript, lua, and C#, and I wanted to try my hand at something substantial.

  • i am a developer

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  • i am hayden ray

    i love bacon

    i like bacon

    i like to be call baconlover

  • Hello! I'm Teshia. I found out about Construct from a 2Dgamedev on twitch and I figured I'd give it a shot. So far I'm loving it far better that eclipse, which was a nightmare to learn. As a visual person this is much easier.

    I'm a Game Design student currently working on my bachelors. In the last year I've worked on a 1st level demo of a 3d sidescroller with a team of 6 other students at my school. We used Unreal... which was a bit of a nightmare. Haha. I've also completed an internship at Disney interactive, which I genuinely enjoyed. I had the opportunity to work on Disney Infinity, Super Heroes, which was unbelievable. Best experience ever! I learned a lot about the industry and even more about myself and how I work best.

    Right now I'm just focusing on finishing school. I'm working on a little game about dinosaurs, which has been pretty fun. Thanks for reading.

  • HI

  • Hi!

    My name is David and I am working on a project in my school. I decided to make a simple 2D game. I think that Construct 2 will help me a lot

    Thank you!

  • Hello!

    My name is Daniel, i'm 21 and i'm from Argentina. I'm a Computer engineering student for 3+ years now.

    As my job, i'm a developer working with OpenERP / Python.

    Heard about Construct2 in the college yesterday, seeing all the cool stuff i can do.

  • Hi, I'm nazgulking and I heard about

    this software from my friend because

    he is making a game.

    This is cool!

  • Welcome aboard nazgulking

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