The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello!

    My name is Daniel, i'm 21 and i'm from Argentina. I'm a Computer engineering student for 3+ years now.

    As my job, i'm a developer working with OpenERP / Python.

    Heard about Construct2 in the college yesterday, seeing all the cool stuff i can do.

  • Hi, I'm nazgulking and I heard about

    this software from my friend because

    he is making a game.

    This is cool!

  • Welcome aboard nazgulking

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  • Hi every one !! , my name is Roberto González ,i'm 19 years old , from Nicaragua , Heard about Construct2 in the MVA (Microsoft Virtual Academy) , i like Contruct 2, it's easy and funny for people don't know about games programming !! , greetings !!

  • Tinkering's my game...

    and with a bit of luck, bring some old ideas to life with Constuct 2

    Enjin Profile

    Steam Profile

  • Hi everyone

    Im a student, so I come here to learn more about Game development

  • Hi All... :3 ^^)/

    i'm new here,

    you can call me "Radis" :3

  • Hey there, I'm called Kimi.

    I tried using construct 2 before in the past, but it was a little hard for me to spin with because I had no idea where everything was at.

    But, I decided to give it another go and I am going fairly smooth on this try. I hope to get going a lot further with Construct 2, as it feels like it caters more towards my personalized needs as an engine.


  • Hi xCyborg here, I am a hardline Unity dev since 2010, willing to give Construct a little try... :/:

  • Hi, I just nobody for now but as my username you can call me noerman.

    I don't have Contruct 2 for now (commercially), and still trying to figure if Construct 2 is the best for me.


  • Hi, everyone i'm new at this and i'm a student trying to learn different game dev solutions.

  • Hello! I was looking for java code to make a memory game for android and came across Construct. Going to try it out... looks great! A little pricey for me though....

  • trying to teach my daughter how to program by making a game together

  • hiiiiii

  • hello i just join this community and learn with you how to makes video games

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