The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi xCyborg here, I am a hardline Unity dev since 2010, willing to give Construct a little try... :/:

  • Hi, I just nobody for now but as my username you can call me noerman.

    I don't have Contruct 2 for now (commercially), and still trying to figure if Construct 2 is the best for me.


  • Hi, everyone i'm new at this and i'm a student trying to learn different game dev solutions.

  • Hello! I was looking for java code to make a memory game for android and came across Construct. Going to try it out... looks great! A little pricey for me though....

  • trying to teach my daughter how to program by making a game together

  • hiiiiii

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  • hello i just join this community and learn with you how to makes video games

  • Hi, my name is Mathijs (Unless you're Dutch you'll pronounce that wrong. I guarantee it.)

    I started playing games when I was about four years old on our home PC, which still used DOS at the time. Since then I've never stopped playing videogames, and I don't plan on ever doing so. Although I've had a lot of dream jobs since I was a kid, I'm now completely focused on making games. The reason for this is that games have always been an important and happy part in my life and I want to create similar experiences for others. Carry on tradition!

    Hopefully I'll graduate somewhere in the next six months, and become a pro game designer.

    Cheers, and game on!

  • Hi, I'm Tabaku, I love making games as much as you do!

  • Hi everyone !! I am Kaylyn Gabriele known as a career consultant and my expert basic expertise lie in Animation education. I like to share her ideas about 2D 3D animation field and keep on writing different stuff on such topics.

  • Trench

  • I started using Construct 2 when I was in school,we have a programming session,and the program they used was of course C2.For me C2 is/was easier because I already had Fusion 2(Multimedia Fusion 2),so I already knew the basics.Thank you for reading.....if you actually did

  • Hello!

    My name is Predrag and i come from small country in Europe, called Bosnia

    I am music producer and also programming enthusiast. In last few years i mostly used Unity and i really liked it, but now i would like to try something simpler and with faster results, and maybe if i like results i will buy Construct 2

    Now my biggest problem are graphics, since i'm not into that kind of art (my field is art of music).

    Right now i have two possible ideas that i would like to try to develop in Construct:

    -First idea is some horror/adventure/survival game, with food, water, health system etc

    -Second idea is some kind of Oregon Trail clone (i really like this game and there should be more games like that)

  • Hello everybody.

    I've been gaming for some 30 years now, and let me tell you: there's not enough new under the sun to keep this gaming habit going. So that's basically my primary motivation driving me to see if I can't just leverage some of that experience by becoming a game developer. Plus, it's good creative and intellectual practice!

    Though I've dabbled a bit with development in the past, I usually quit in a snit of cognitive dissonance before seeing the game to completion. I am hoping Construct 2's rapid prototyping capacity is going to turn that around by allowing me to decide what I want to commit to making before I run out of steam.

  • I'm what's known as an Assistive Technologist and it's my job to support the disabled people I work with using technology...

    I help promote their independence, communication and access to learning using specialist equipment but also adapting existing mainstream equipment.

    I have been using Construct2 to create activities and games that are accessible to the children and young people I work with. What a fantastically versatile tool

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