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  • WaT SuP GuYs!

    My name is Gamer M and this is some stuff about me! I just got construct 2 and it looks like i'm going to like it. I have a PlayStaion (Gamer___M) and a Steam (Gamer_M) if you want to play with me. Some of the things I want to do is To learn how to program (Java) and to have a Youtube Channel!

    (This is alittle old, but it still works)

  • Hey guys!

    I'm ErnieTheMighty/Laughé. I have been designing and developing games from the age of 10, when my mom bought me a gamedev book for non-programmers. I am now 19 years old and still kicking it!

    My main field is digital art, I like to sketch, paint and all that stuff. I must admit, drawing game assets is really fun for me, it's really easy to import the assets quickly between Photoshop and Construct 2. Loving the software so far! Don't regret buying it at all.

    As for the style, I always make games with children as protagonists, and this has really grown into me as a habit. Good or bad, haha.

    Anyway, looking forward to speaking to y'all!

  • Hi everyone!

    I got my start on the Atari 2600, soon got the VIC-20 and Commodore 64 and spent hours typing in the code from the different magazines at the time. Moved on to the newer platforms and computers as they came out, still go back to play some of those older games from time to time though

    I've played with a few of the different engines over the years and am pretty excited about trying Construct 2.

  • aaron from oregon

  • 945

  • Moshi Moshi I is iZotair

    I heard of construct from this guy: Check him out his game is pretty cool

    PS. Not an ad, just being honest

  • Hi, my name is Hugo, I'm french, i've 17 years old, i play basket and saxophone. I study in Arts and I like games, i've a lots of idea and i want start with Construct 2.

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  • Hello ,

    I am Arpit Goyal from India. I am interested in making Games. I come to know about Construct2 Game ingine from Google.

    Thank you

  • hi!

  • My name is Klemen Andrasic and i make games for mobile phones (android,ios)

  • Soy christian, soy diseñaador gráfico. Diseño UX,UI.

  • Hewwo peoples. I am a programmer, well, I like to call myself that, while in reality, I have only used Scratch and have a limited knowledge of JavaScript. I came because of a friend, saying he made a platformer with not too much difficulty.

    I can't promise I'll make good games, or even if I will make any, but I look forward to trying and seeing what you guys think

  • Good day!

    I'm a newbie programmer. Please be good to me.

  • jemaystermind Oh I will be good to you! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Hi There, I'm Florian.

    I like video games and now I want to learn how to make one !

    I'm giving a try to Construct2.

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