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  • Hey everyone, my name is ParasiteBirth, I'm a diehard video gamer since the age of 4 and I've been dreaming of designing video games my whole life. I've recently discovered Construct 2 and I am fully motivated to master it. I joined the forums to be able to learn as much as possible form the community.

    So far I've learned to use RPG Maker VX Ace and a tiny little bit of Game Maker. Construct 2 fascinates me more than the other 2 softwares I mentioned though.

    If possible, could anyone give me directions on where to ask my questions ? I know are areas in the forum for this, but my question is not a 'how do I' type of question.

  • hey really looking forward to learning to build the old school arcade classics as well as games from the spectrum and commodore such as "Rebelstar/Laser Squad" (Speccy) , and the likes of "Punchy and Jetset Willy" (Commodore/Speccy). Hope these are possible using construct.

  • Well to introduce myself my name is Karim Elzanaty. I hope to use this site to create some fun games with my family so that we can play them together and just have a good time in general. If we think that some games have potential for success than we will publish them.

  • hi how r u

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  • I'm Egozi

    A fresh game developer, started working in the game industry

  • Hello fellow Construct 2 users, My name is Josh Hillary and I've been playing around with game design since I was 9 years old.

    It all started when I asked my parents to purchase me a copy of 3D Gamestudio. An old prefab Game Engine that made simple but fun freeware titles. I had so much fun making little games in 3DGS that it became the catalyst of my growth as an artist and designer. After a small hiatus from game development, I've returned to find the tools available to small developers have grown considerably in both functionality and quantity. Long story short, Construct 2 as well as its community have played a huge part in reinvigorating my drive and passion for game making and I hope to design something that reflects as much.

  • welcome to the jungle of fun all.. my name is G..

  • Olá! Aqui estamos.. Pronto pra aprender!

  • I didn't Introduced myself properly, please excuse my manners...

    My name is Kamil, I come from Poland, I'm experienced (but not pro) programmer in few popular langurages (Pascal, PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS). I found scirra when I was googling for very fast and simple yet advanced tool for game development. I don't regret spent money for construct 2

    Hopefully we all get know better each other while my project gets more extensive

    Best Regards. Lazarus1988

  • Hello,

    Ozvaldez here. I've never made a game, and my journey starts here.

  • Hey so first hi second i learn from construct 2 by new project, he have create a very cool idle game on newgrounds: Also i come here cause i alway want to create video game and program.

    [quote:1zq2cohq]Yeah but here we don<t need to program

    i know but when i will create something, i will check the code and learn more about them. i got a little bit of unity base and c# too. Also i got too many idea but not enough knowedge in programming so it's principaly i come here.

  • Hello! I'm an illustrator that's been wanting to put together a game for a while. I know some programming, but very involved coding is a bit beyond me. I really love C2 for that reason. It's very intuitive and easy to learn, and can easily make some pretty complex game logic. I'm only really interested in 2D to boot, so extra points there.

    I found out about C2 through Googling game engines.

  • Hello my name is Bryan, im from Bayamon, Puerto Rico. I've been developing an game since June 2014 (started developing it with the free version, now i own an personal license to be able to continue) & im currently studying Video Game development and design.

  • Hey im Turi, just got onto the construct community today, looking forward to helping out anyway i can, and making some kickass games

  • ssss

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