The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hey im Turi, just got onto the construct community today, looking forward to helping out anyway i can, and making some kickass games

  • ssss

  • Hello .. Just getting into this Construct 2 thing. So far I love it. I tried some other java script related HTML 5 game Dev tools out there, but so far this one is the fastest. I am working on a space ship shooter game and hope to have it ready to post soon.

  • fiquei sabendo do constructor pelo meu irmão que gosta de criar jogos.

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  • Hi. I'm Maverick. I am a 9th grader at Roosevelt High school. I heard about Construct 2 from the Codeday event at PowerObjects. I am excited to try to make my 1st game while there this weekend.

  • Hello there

  • Hi, I'm from Brazil, and I have great ideas for new games, that does not exist today. I'll use the construct 2 to build some of this ideas, but I think I'll need a bigger and powerfull tool to build up some of my ideas. This is my first time using Construct 2, but not the first time creating games. I already have some of them, but none for sell... Perhaps with the Construct 2 I'll re-create and create new games, and put them for sell. Love gaming. Love girls, cars, and gaming on every plataform, time, type, or class. I hope to help alot in this forum, and hope one day I'll post something like "I'm paying my bills with my own creation". Right now I'll use the Free edition of construct2 to get experience, but further I want to buy the business edition with the upgrades. Thank you very much for this opportunity and have a nice day for everyone who read my message. =]

    echo thx vry mch

    echo I'll try my best



    goto End



  • Hello everyone! My name is Trilaterus, I have actually made a game in Alpha called "A Thousand Hands" in Construct 2 and more about it is in the completed section of these forums! I just need some more rep to post links to it though... I'm getting closer!

    See you soon!

  • Hi

    my nickname is Bolo and I'm from Poland!

    I heard bout Construct 2 from a frend that just started studies somewhere in UK and its about Game Design ...

    i can't afford studies so i lern on my own.

    so thanx for giving it for free :/

  • hi i am making some cule gamees so staee tunned

  • Hello, I'm MrWhoGames

    <3 Video games

    <3 Cooking

    <3 NoLifing

    I hope this program is a great start for making games. =D

    Hiya *waves*

  • Hello. My name is Maxim.

    I come from a small town in Russia- Kiselevsk.

    Once I entered on "Youtube" "How to make a game?"

    I natkunulsya on video where they made the game on "Scirrhus construct." And then it started. I studied it for 2 years. Then I saw "Konstrkut 2". At first I thought that this second-rate garbage which I do not understand anything. But then I began to explore in it and I realized that this is a wonderful development environment.

  • Hi I'm KrysEternal, 16 years old, and i'm really interested in developing games but i have a total of 0 knowledge on how to do this. so i'm 'diving in headfirst' any help will be greatly appreciated. i'm looking to have fun and learn a new skill. but.. yessum thats me.

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