The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi

    my nickname is Bolo and I'm from Poland!

    I heard bout Construct 2 from a frend that just started studies somewhere in UK and its about Game Design ...

    i can't afford studies so i lern on my own.

    so thanx for giving it for free :/

  • hi i am making some cule gamees so staee tunned

  • Hello, I'm MrWhoGames

    <3 Video games

    <3 Cooking

    <3 NoLifing

    I hope this program is a great start for making games. =D

    Hiya *waves*

  • Hello. My name is Maxim.

    I come from a small town in Russia- Kiselevsk.

    Once I entered on "Youtube" "How to make a game?"

    I natkunulsya on video where they made the game on "Scirrhus construct." And then it started. I studied it for 2 years. Then I saw "Konstrkut 2". At first I thought that this second-rate garbage which I do not understand anything. But then I began to explore in it and I realized that this is a wonderful development environment.

  • Hi I'm KrysEternal, 16 years old, and i'm really interested in developing games but i have a total of 0 knowledge on how to do this. so i'm 'diving in headfirst' any help will be greatly appreciated. i'm looking to have fun and learn a new skill. but.. yessum thats me.

  • Hi!

    My name is Tan, from germany. The first time I came in touch with a 'computer' was, when I slobbered on the controller of the sega genesis when I was a few years old. Since then I somehow are connected to any kind of computer

    I work as a IT specialist (system integration) and have to work with hardware every day (at least, lol). I started programming with about 11/12 years, because days back there werent many games for Mac OS 9, thats why I wanted to make own games. Started with basic, then moved to C(++). Many years of "not programming anything except scripting some html websites" I wanted to get my ideas done Ive make in the years. Already tryed C2 a whole time ago (maybe it was Construct classic? ) and came back, tryed it out - and now work with it.

    I hope to be able to help at least a few guys in the community and, of course, may publish a title to any platform, lets see what the future brings



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  • Hello

  • Introducing myself for the purposes of gaining Magical Fairy Dust.

  • Hey!

    My name is Joshua. I like burgers... Yep.

  • Hello

  • Hello all.

    Nice to be on construct 2.

    Great community! Great product!

  • hi, I'm David I'm old and have worked in computing for 20 years.I got hold of construct2 via a contact as Microsoft to create some games for my kids, but now I'm creating games with my kids which is fantastic. We are currently working on a secret project involving balls, aliens with jet packs and puppies!

  • Hello.

    My name is Damjan Zdravkovski.

    I'm from Macedonia, Skopje.

    The reason that I downloaded and start to use Construct 2 is that I want to make my free time more usefull altough I'm a programmer.

    I found Construct 2 searching for a game maker for windows. I hope I'll have cooperation with you guys.

  • Hello all,

    My name is Väčeslav and I am going to use Scirra Construct to create some educational games/apps to support smaller languages.

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