The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • hey i am an attack on titan freak

  • I'm ERIC WEBB a young IT proffesional still in school studying for my Bachelors.

    we are being influenced to use construct2 to create a game,even though we can use any platform.

  • YO!, WOULD LIKE SOME GUIDANCE ON THIS CONSTRUCT 2 THING i like pixel art, but i cant make good pixel art lol

  • Hi

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  • A Panda working for the betterment of mankind in creating digital entertainment that's awesome

    Thought Construct would be a good way to prototype and then take anything needing to be faster into Unity

  • coolness is just as awesomeness.

  • Hi I like it.

  • cant wait to get started guys

  • Hey everyone, my name is ParasiteBirth, I'm a diehard video gamer since the age of 4 and I've been dreaming of designing video games my whole life. I've recently discovered Construct 2 and I am fully motivated to master it. I joined the forums to be able to learn as much as possible form the community.

    So far I've learned to use RPG Maker VX Ace and a tiny little bit of Game Maker. Construct 2 fascinates me more than the other 2 softwares I mentioned though.

    If possible, could anyone give me directions on where to ask my questions ? I know are areas in the forum for this, but my question is not a 'how do I' type of question.

  • hey really looking forward to learning to build the old school arcade classics as well as games from the spectrum and commodore such as "Rebelstar/Laser Squad" (Speccy) , and the likes of "Punchy and Jetset Willy" (Commodore/Speccy). Hope these are possible using construct.

  • Well to introduce myself my name is Karim Elzanaty. I hope to use this site to create some fun games with my family so that we can play them together and just have a good time in general. If we think that some games have potential for success than we will publish them.

  • hi how r u

  • I'm Egozi

    A fresh game developer, started working in the game industry

  • Hello fellow Construct 2 users, My name is Josh Hillary and I've been playing around with game design since I was 9 years old.

    It all started when I asked my parents to purchase me a copy of 3D Gamestudio. An old prefab Game Engine that made simple but fun freeware titles. I had so much fun making little games in 3DGS that it became the catalyst of my growth as an artist and designer. After a small hiatus from game development, I've returned to find the tools available to small developers have grown considerably in both functionality and quantity. Long story short, Construct 2 as well as its community have played a huge part in reinvigorating my drive and passion for game making and I hope to design something that reflects as much.

  • welcome to the jungle of fun all.. my name is G..

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