The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • My name is Jacob matthies

    And I live in North Carolina

  • I so excited to use to program to make awesome games!

  • Hello to all

    My name is Florian, I live in Paris, France, I'm male, 34.

    Many years ago I have developed a tamagotchi-like game in Visual Basic 5 for Windows 95 when I was student.

    Of course game is no longer compatible with last versions of Windows and since that time I haven't developed games but I'm interested in game engines.

    I wish to develop a game for computer and mobile devices so I'll try Construct2 to see if I can manage to do it

    If the project turns out well I will consider buying the license and export for Android

    I hope performance of game running under Android is good enough

    That's it ... Hope you liked my presentation

  • Hey all,

    My name is Clint from Florida, US, and I've been developing software for a few years now, but just getting into game dev. Found this in searching for HTML5 game engines to start with. Figured I'd give it a try!

  • Hello everyone!

    I've been making games since I was in elementary school with powerpoint, then I discovered Game Maker in middle school, and I learned some Visual Basic in high school. I've loved making games as a hobby, and I draw inspiration from old-school Sonic games. Now I'm a college student, and I dont really have the time or interest to learn more programming, but I love to make game art and music, and I think that Construct 2 would be a good platform to make some projects on! I'm really excited to start on my latest project, where I'll be making all the graphics, music and levels myself, if I ever get the free time!

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  • How did you do games in powerpoint?

  • i am jaric and im from sun prairie and i first heard about construct to when i was trying to figure out how to embed games on my website and how to create them. but unfortunately my chromebook is unable to open exe files

  • Hi All!

    My names is Carlos, IT professional evaluating the software to develop a game for our company. Feel free to say hi and help me get up to speed with it.

    Have a wonderful day!!

    Carlos in Toronto, Canada

  • Hi

  • Hi guys

    I'm Tompa and is currently looking to teach myself some of the good qualities in Construct 2.

    I see a lot of experience in this thread so I'll jump to the last game I worked on, it's a small indiegame called Hearth Forth Alicia.

    Nice to see you all, I'll be in the educational area

  • Hi Appfluenza here,

    Just having a look at Construct 2 to see if it fits my needs.

    I'm based out of Australia and am very much a beginner!

    No doubt I will spend as much time searching for help as I do making games!


  • i just posted my 2 year old game that i was having difficulty uploading but finally i uploaded it .

    and in about 6 to 10 weeks from now hopefully my second game will be out and then after that i will make a lot more games [hopefully]

  • Hi, my name is Ricardo, 21, and I'm from Portugal!

    I've been interested in making games for a long time, I spent some time playing around with MMF when I was younger and last couple of years I've been using RPG Maker.

    Now I found Construct 2 and fell in love with it so I hope I can learn more about it with everyone!

    Nice to meet everyone

  • Hello...I'm Chris from Northern Virginia. I've always wanted to write apps for the Windows Phone, but sadly I don't have the time to learn how to program in C# so I thought this would be a good way to get my feet wet.

  • hi guys, just want to let u guys know... My name is Reaper and im new to Construct 2 ^_^

    nice to meet you

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