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  • Hi, my name is Faruq. i love games!!

  • Hi I'm Carlos from Brooklyn, New York. I'm hoping to to make some fun 8bit style platformers. I guess I should find some pixel art tutorials and go replay some old platform games as research. I hope to make something decent for everyone to play soon.



  • vc gfv

  • Hello guys!

    I'm Loic, and I finally take the opportunity to salute every one of you!

    I recently moved to the United States from France, and I'm looking to start a games and game assets business here in the states. A real "Start-Up in my garage" type of thing. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    I have a master degree in industrial design, and always loved video game. I discovered Construct2 recently and choose it to be my tool for making my games! Having no big difficulties to design and draw whatever comes in my mind, It's the perfect tool for me. My dream would be to be able to make and sells games as well as taking part into art process for other company.

    I'm still waiting for my american work permit, and I could really need some help and advices on the taxes and administrative aspects, if anyone have a start-up in the Us, or did the same process that would be really cool. Please contact me by MP.

    If you're curious about industrial design, you can check out some of my professional stuff on my online portfolio here:

    And check out my design blog at

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  • I don't speak english very much :\ sorry, but im gonna try to develop the best game possible to me

  • Hi i'm Marcos André from Brazil. Need to do this graduation work about games, tried using unity3d till that shit crashes with the can't add or load script bs. See around guys i'm sleepy but i just saw that points stuff so, decided to rush this. Hope you guys doing great, don't use unity and cya.

  • hi

  • Hi! I'm an Instructional Designer who's interested in game creation

  • I am always busy coding in languages such as C and Python, but sometimes I want to create a simple game with no complex coding and no annoying files that I have to sort out once every three minutes. I was looking at some forums and I came across Construct 2. I saw some screen shots and I thought it looked good, so I decided to try it out. So far I haven't been disappointed, and I hope that my skills with this software will grow.

  • Hello all, nice to meet you. I'm from Ontario Canada and heard about Construct 2 from a Microsoft information email. I'm looking forward to trying Construct 2 and again nice to meet you all

  • Hello! I'm from Zaragoza(Spain). First of all I want to apologize for the linguistic mistakes that I'm probably going to make in this post which is actually my very first english public text I've ever wrote. Make Videogames is one of my hobbies, despite I've never actually finished a real complete game. I am working on CG for TV news since seven years. I started to use code writing scripts for repetitive working tasks, then I realized how fun it could be to use that new knowledge to make videogames. I started with Adobe Flash and Actionscript, then I learned a little about Programming Principles and OOP using Python and used Pygame for making some stuff. Then I discovered the Game Engines and how easy and fun is to create Videogames or ... to create "my stuff". A friend of mine told me about Construct 2, I downloaded it and made some stuff. My idea is to use it to finally achieve the goal of finishing my first complete videogame. I'm using free license.

  • I'm from Columbus, OH and heard of Construct 2 from the upcoming Microsoft Virtual Academy Live event

  • Hello my name is Ariel, I'm from Texas, new to coding, game design and app design. I saw construct 2 in action from the MVA courses. Great Engine!!! I'm excited to test drive it and see what I can accomplish with it. I have several projects in mind and with Construct 2 I hope to make them a reality.

  • Interested in what opportunities game programming offers plus it is extremely fun and awesome .

    Hope I get good at artificial intelligence to create games good enough.

  • Hi, i am new to development. i like playing games and i wish to develop games. i gone through google and found that costruct 2 is best so i am starting from beginning if i succeeded making game i will purchase its license.


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