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  • Hello! I am Denny Shambaugh, and I am beginning my 35th year of teaching math and CS here at Susquenita High School, located in central Pennsylvania, just west of Harrisburg. I am excited to learn with my students in our Game: IT class this fall!

  • Hi There!


    I'm a fan of apps and that is why I gotta try and do one at least... I am owner of , you are all welcome to visit and leave your suggestions and comments. You can also visit us on FB if you like.


    I really want to make a game and I have a great idea, so as soon as I get a hold of this program I'll tell you all about it. Really excited to be here, I'll be around learning all I can from your postings so...

    Thank You in advance!

  • Hi all.

  • Hi All,

    Heard about Construct 2 from a friend. I was thinking of making use of it in the upcoming Ludum Dare this weekend if I can get a good enough grasp for it in 2 days.

  • Hi everyone I'm Kevomus Prime,

    I found this cool game maker and I hope to teach my elementary school students how to use it

  • Hello,

    I am Gabriel dos Santos, student CEFET RJ-school part of computer science. I will try to use this program to make a school project. If I identify well with this program, I will buy it in the future.

    Thank you for this experience!

    I'm fom Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  • Looking forward to trialing this SDK and seeing if it is the one I will use for future developments.

    Just starting my Mobile development so lets see where my imagination can go

  • Hi, my name is Guilherme Vargas and I love to create games and invent things with game mechanics and softwares like construct2.

    I've tried to make prototypes of various styles of 2D games, like Mario, Megaman, Desert Striker, Mr. Driller, Gradius, Bomberman, Zelda, and much more.

    I started creating games through the artistic part, I have over 12 years of experience with digital art in photoshop and at least a 9 years experience with programs similar with Construct2.

    I'm in Scirra community to learn and also to exchange knowledge with everyone

  • Greetings <3 <3 <3

    You can call me Novin~

    I'm a Game Developer (have worked in the industry on two games) and also an all time freelancer (Game Artist & Designer).

    My other skills are in Marketing, Media & Advertisement, I've worked with different game magazines, groups & businesses.

    Glad to be here & if you have any Art or Design needs I'll be happy to help or even work with you.

    About Contrust 2, when I heard about it here & there, I refereed it to a close friend of mine.

    (A recent grad of 3D Animation major- I'm a grad of Game Design myself)

    He bought the license and finished / published his 1st game (as test).

    He and you all have inspired me to join this community for good. (I believe it's very active & nice).

    However I have few concerns, when it comes to use Contrust 2 myself (such as iOS export and putting in advertisement).

    This is because my friend who finished his game couldn't manage to export it for iOS devices so he ended up with Android,

    He also couldn't put ads (His game is now on GooglePlay for free & no ads so any tips are HIGHLY appreciated!)


    Here I am to officially to join / further explore Contrust 2.0 / help fellow & maybe purchasing a license to further help myself & fellow users, I would also be happy to join / help with your projects (depending on circumstances)

    About my gaming experienced- I do not believe in styles~ styles separate men, it's a process of continue growing "Bruce Lee"

    So, I am not going to highlight if I like this or don't like that~ but I've really had my share of series such as:

    Shenmue, Metal Gear Solid, Sonic The Hedgehog.

    I pretty much support any right game.

    My email is novinworksrd (over gmail dot come).

    Nice to meet you all.

    Best, Novin

  • Hi guys, i'm excited to join this amazing community.

  • Hello guys, i love html5 games and want to learn more here

  • Try Construct 3

    Develop games in your browser. Powerful, performant & highly capable.

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  • Hi!

    My name is Zumlog. I am game Game developer and Music producer. developing was interesting for me long time. I work in Construct 2 just few months, but I can see my progress. I read many tutorials here. This community is so helpful. Thank you!

    If somebody want some sounds and music, just sent me a message[/color]

  • Hi..

    I'm shadowous....finally got time to myself. And want to explore how to do things that are on my bucket list... so here goes

  • I love making games

  • Hi Everyone!

    I my name is danie and i am from pakistan. I started learning construct 2 a couple of weeks ago when one of my friend told me about it. I love the fact that construct 2 it easy to make games. Its awesome

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