The Official Introduce Yourself Thread


  • Hey... Uhhh...

    I'm Connor, I'm 17 and I'm from Wales.

    I always wanted to design games since I was a kid. I went to an engineering summer school and decided then and there I was going to live my own life and do what I always wanted to. So yeah. New to all this but I live games.

  • Hi everyone, I'm Maja forma Croatia. I've heard about this program in a kind of strange way. Maybe not. Ok, i've herad about it through facebook. My friend shared event that her friend have made to promote his job application. He've made a web page in order to introduce his idea. I asked him how did he make his page, and here I am

  • Hi, I'm textlabel. I'm from another game-making website called Sploder, and another, ROBLOX, but I wanted to try this!

  • Hello to everyone, im Pablo and im from Argentina, im very new in this world of making games, y study architecture and im begining to learn Construct 2, im very pleased with the community here, everyone seems very friendly and willing to help, very nice to meet you all!!!

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  • Hi everyOne

    I'm Sahar an engineering student from Tunisia

    I just discovered construct 2 and I hope I can learn st and help others to learn about this amazing tool

  • Hey what's up! I'm Cody. Brand new to the concept of game-making (in the practical sense, not in the I dream of it and it keeps me up at night sense.) I heard about Construct 2 while researching Code Languages that are most useful to learn and programs for beginners in game making who haven't learned any code yet. indiegameinsider sent me here, just as a thank you\shout out!

    Guess that's it!

  • Hello

    I am going to make a great game

  • Hi all,

    I am based in Dublin, Ireland. I am the Digital Developer at an Ad Agency here and will be hoping to use this software to produce some Social Media games!

    Time will tell...


  • Hello! I am Denny Shambaugh, and I am beginning my 35th year of teaching math and CS here at Susquenita High School, located in central Pennsylvania, just west of Harrisburg. I am excited to learn with my students in our Game: IT class this fall!

  • Hi There!


    I'm a fan of apps and that is why I gotta try and do one at least... I am owner of , you are all welcome to visit and leave your suggestions and comments. You can also visit us on FB if you like.


    I really want to make a game and I have a great idea, so as soon as I get a hold of this program I'll tell you all about it. Really excited to be here, I'll be around learning all I can from your postings so...

    Thank You in advance!

  • Hi all.

  • Hi All,

    Heard about Construct 2 from a friend. I was thinking of making use of it in the upcoming Ludum Dare this weekend if I can get a good enough grasp for it in 2 days.

  • Hi everyone I'm Kevomus Prime,

    I found this cool game maker and I hope to teach my elementary school students how to use it

  • Hello,

    I am Gabriel dos Santos, student CEFET RJ-school part of computer science. I will try to use this program to make a school project. If I identify well with this program, I will buy it in the future.

    Thank you for this experience!

    I'm fom Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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