The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello! I am a computer science student at California State University Dominguez Hills. I just created this account as part of my class! Hello World!

  • My name is Alex. I'm working with my son Cameron to build a game. We heard about this from Bucky on Youtube. Very excited about learning this my son.

  • Hi my name is Raymond. I am trying to find a good IDE for developing games without too much hastle, I think this one is it.

  • Hello , I am Mohd Tauheed And I am studying IT as major from JNTU-Hyderabad . I am a Tech lover and i love to learn and make people learn the beauty of Coding!

  • Hola! Soy un apasionado por el desarrollo de juegos Independientes, he hecho juegos independientes junto con amigos, que quizas no son proyectos muy grandes o elaborados, es por eso que he decidido llevar esto a otro nivel, me encantaria hacer juegos para la eShop de Wii U, me enteré de que aceptaban Construct 2 asi que dije "Porque no?" y es que me gusta mucho utilizar software nuevo, se me hace muy interesante, tratare de que mis proyectos sean buenos y descentes, saludos!

  • Hi, my name is Geir. I was looking for a interesting RAD game for web and this looks very a good start

  • Hi, My name is Joel and I am a Hobbyist Game Developer looking for a new tool to Play with. I have been hearing so much about Construct 2 that I have to try it.

    I already own more than a few tools so I am going to be looking very carefully at Construct. I have sunk a lot of money into this hobby already and my wife is unhappy LOL.

  • Hi my name is sahil . i find good and easy way to create little game - i think constrcut is it.

  • Hi

    My name is Kévin.

  • Hi there!

    I am a Construct-2 noob from Taiwan!

    So glad i found here, though my English isn't so good makes me hard to read what others say.

    Anyway, I will just try and have fun in learning Construct 2, hope you guys can have fun, too!

  • Hi everyone, my name is Kawana. I am a first year CS student from New Zealand. I have been playing with C2 for some time now and hopefully I will be able to release my game to the arcade in a few months. Any one who is keen to make a few simple apps hit me up, I would love to collaborate on a project or two.

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  • Ciao a tutti, il mio nome è Mariomb

  • Olá, eu sou do Brasil (estado: Rio Grande do Norte) e soube do construct 2 pelo gamedu.

  • Hello, my name is Emz.

    I've been into making games since my Dad got me The Secrets of Shadows of the Empire and it showed me real humans made them game things I'd been playing for years, figured someday I could too.

    Studied engineering until the first game dev course in NI appeared, this gave a general intro to all aspects of game dev, then worked for 2 years on a PC game for schools using Artificial Studios Reality Engine (pre Epic) - I was design, 3D modelling and little bit of programming.

    After that a few years freelance then I gave it up and worked sales and marketing for a while. Still messed around with Gamemaker then got interested in mobile games and fell in with a few dudes making an XBLA game that eventually became an iOS game. Gave them a hand with a few non-development bits n' pieces and got the taste for game dev again.

    Took part in a few game jams with the same dudes, mostly design, level editing, even less programming than before. Won a jam and became a Nintendo developer but that project is kinda on hold for now.

    Recently started working for a small game dev studio, now using Unity, again design and level editing and still no programming. Have a few silly ideas I'd like to make on my own time but the serious lack of programming was holding me back. One of the game jam dudes recommended Construct to me and here I am.

    Started my first game 2 days ago, already got further than I would have in Gamemaker or Unity in that time. I'm really enjoying working with Construct. Taking part in another jam (GameCraft - Belfast) in October and I'm already sure I wanna use Construct for it, it's great!

  • hi guys!

    IM a begginer in the construct 2

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