The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi everyone, my name is Dillon. I just knew about scirra recently, and i'm still trying the free version right now.

    hope i can make many great games in the future days. nice to meet you all

  • Hi,

    I am Amit Goyal, starting out for game development. New to the kindly help...

  • A freid told me about it and now I feel inspred

  • Hello everyone! My name is Alexander. I have a degree in Information Systems. My range of interests is very wide and includes, in addition to skills in professions such as the interests of computer graphics and computer games. I play the game, learn the history of their creation and development, looking for different engines, technology and so on. But have never created big games or mobile games. Only a couple games on Pascal when I was at school. Now I really interested in WebGL technology and want to try create something with Construct 2 for the first time. Maybe later I'll start to create more bigger games with another tools too. So thats it!

  • Hi there,

    I am just a french JAVA developper. Interested in developping games for Wii U system.

    Have fun.

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  • A .NET Developer playing around with stuff that looks interesting.

  • Hello there,

    i'm Parvez from Chittagong, Bangladesh.

    I'm a newbie and i want to make awesome games for Android platform.

    Please, give me your valuable tips and tricks, teach me.

    and Thnak You..

  • hello

    I am Muhammad Umar from Chakwal ( Pakistan )

    I am a Student of Programming.

    Music Composing, Computer Programming and exploring the

    wonders of Information Technology are my best hobbies. and I like martial arts

  • Hi,

    Forgot to introduce myself but here I am. A developer and co-founder at Frosty Elk. Most of my time I spend designing our own plugins, e.g. Admob published in the forum.

    Happy gaming


  • Hola a todo el mundo

    Hace poco que terminé mis estudios de gráfica publicitaria en Vigo, España.

    Pero en el fondo de mi corazón, aunque me encanta diseñar, más que diseñadora me siento ilustradora.

    Los videojuegos son mi pasión y por fortuna hace poco me han brindado la oportunidad de hacer uno...

    y así es como he acabado aquí

  • Assalamualaikum, Hello my name arga. I'm from Indonesia .. I am a graduate student, who uses the game of construc2 for my final project .., I am very happy to be in this forum thanks [/color]

  • Hi,

    I've always been a bit terrified of coding, although it always seemed necessary in order to build awesome stuff. An animator friend of mine recently made a few wicked games via Construct2 and I thought to give it a go myself!


  • hello what your name


  • My name is Brian, I really like homebrew games and unique looks and gameplay

  • I found out construct 2 in steam.

    i am addicted to play many free to play games, from browser to desktop apps games.

    but i know i can only get the full fun out of games by actually making them myself.

    at a very young age, i have already started making games.....with pencil and paper.

    now, construct 2 has given me a second chance to make games again,

    to feel the real thrill and excitement of gaming.

    im interested in those fps games, mmorpg, action side scrolling games and all the hot new games

    out there that requires a good computer.

    unfortunately, my computer is getting old, so for now, im sticking to browser games

    and attempting to make games myself.

    current list of games im looking to develop:

    challenge tower defense: hardcore difficulty that you keep on replaying like "chess"

    the tower defense game have nothing to do with chess, it seems to be the only thing that

    attracts people to play my game, lol, my newer version of the game with another description

    was left ignored.

    challenge limbo: ahhhh.... basically super big maze, you can never find the ending,

    its kinda boring but i meant it to be more of a troll game, at the startscreen, i will advise people

    to listen to their youtube playlist though.

    (there is an ending.....or is there?)

    challenge simcity: sounds nice until you realized its all text. lololololololl

    challenge rpg: first, its all text based, second, you only need to press 1 fight button to do all the fighting.

    this game lets you focus on what weapons, armours you should wear and where should you go fight.

    the fighting button is spammable. you can click 1 button from day to night, just to progress in this simple game.

    challenge troll: currently this is just an idea, should be too difficult to implement for now, you are basically a troll

    in a side-scrolling platform, there will be quests for you to do but unfortunately you are jumping too high,

    walking too fast and others.

    this is inspired by all the funny games in scirra arcade...

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