The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • hello what your name


  • My name is Brian, I really like homebrew games and unique looks and gameplay

  • I found out construct 2 in steam.

    i am addicted to play many free to play games, from browser to desktop apps games.

    but i know i can only get the full fun out of games by actually making them myself.

    at a very young age, i have already started making games.....with pencil and paper.

    now, construct 2 has given me a second chance to make games again,

    to feel the real thrill and excitement of gaming.

    im interested in those fps games, mmorpg, action side scrolling games and all the hot new games

    out there that requires a good computer.

    unfortunately, my computer is getting old, so for now, im sticking to browser games

    and attempting to make games myself.

    current list of games im looking to develop:

    challenge tower defense: hardcore difficulty that you keep on replaying like "chess"

    the tower defense game have nothing to do with chess, it seems to be the only thing that

    attracts people to play my game, lol, my newer version of the game with another description

    was left ignored.

    challenge limbo: ahhhh.... basically super big maze, you can never find the ending,

    its kinda boring but i meant it to be more of a troll game, at the startscreen, i will advise people

    to listen to their youtube playlist though.

    (there is an ending.....or is there?)

    challenge simcity: sounds nice until you realized its all text. lololololololl

    challenge rpg: first, its all text based, second, you only need to press 1 fight button to do all the fighting.

    this game lets you focus on what weapons, armours you should wear and where should you go fight.

    the fighting button is spammable. you can click 1 button from day to night, just to progress in this simple game.

    challenge troll: currently this is just an idea, should be too difficult to implement for now, you are basically a troll

    in a side-scrolling platform, there will be quests for you to do but unfortunately you are jumping too high,

    walking too fast and others.

    this is inspired by all the funny games in scirra arcade...

  • Hi all. My name's Matt and making video games has always been something I've been interested in, but my background has been story and art ever since I was young. Programming and coding has always been tougher for me to wrap my brain around. When I was a kid, I checked a book out of the library on "how video games are made." Basically, it informed me of the fact that someone designs a game and someone programs a game. And that's about it. So...yeah...not too helpful.

    I started learning a little bit of BASIC in middle school, but was mostly just doing text games. I fiddled around with Gamemaker for a bit, but didn't much like what I was coming up with. Fiddled around with Flash a bit, but again...not too enamored of my results. To be honest, I can't even remember how I heard of Construct 2. It's like it just sort of come at me out of the ether. Like an epiphany! But it's finally letting me realize that old dream of making games.

    Glad to be here. Glad to have found out about the awesomeness of Construct 2. Just glad all around!

  • Hi,

    I m developer from India, quite new to the gaming world. My brother introduced me to Construct 2. Glad to be a part of the gaming world and the world of Construct 2. Happy Gaming everyone !!


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  • hello,

    I'm an animator and indie game designer from Lebanon! happy to be part of the construct 2 world and gaming family

  • Hey!

    My names Dylan and I'm an Australian student who loves games

    I hope to be able to make games with Construct 2.

    I found out about Construct from an AMA on reddit with NerdCubed where he said he was using Construct 2 to make little games.

  • Hey,

    My name is Lucie. I'm new, and not too good at making games. I'm a little better at playing them though. I still have never beaten a single Pokemon game in all the thirteen years I've been on this earth. I can only speak English (first language) and basic Japanese, but I want to learn Korean someday because the words sound really cool and I want to be able to say them without embarrassing myself.

    I like drawing. I really like gaming, whether it's on my computer playing Yume Nikki and other .exe files with confusing plotlines or on my used black ds playing a game I'll never beat or my chewed-up 3ds playing more games I'll never beat. Games are just super fun, right? So I want to make games that are fun for other people. Even if only one person enjoys it, I'd be thrilled.


  • Let me introduce myself ,

    My name is Suryadi, I live in Indonesia, on June 1994

    I am Indonesian

    Now i'm a student in Polytechnic of Padang State, West Sumatra, Padang,Indonesia (politeknik negeri padang)

    My Hobby is Playing game (all about Gaming and all about art)

    my post code is 25585

    i'm just a newbie (beginner) in this forum, and i hope i can contribute as a new member to be intermediete or proffesional

    and i want to know how to make a game, it so interesting, and my dream is to be a game creator

  • Hi my name is Luiz =)

  • Hello everyone,

    I am Costantino a graphic artist and game developer from Italy.

    Glad to be part of this community


  • Hey... Uhhh...

    I'm Connor, I'm 17 and I'm from Wales.

    I always wanted to design games since I was a kid. I went to an engineering summer school and decided then and there I was going to live my own life and do what I always wanted to. So yeah. New to all this but I live games.

  • Hi everyone, I'm Maja forma Croatia. I've heard about this program in a kind of strange way. Maybe not. Ok, i've herad about it through facebook. My friend shared event that her friend have made to promote his job application. He've made a web page in order to introduce his idea. I asked him how did he make his page, and here I am

  • Hi, I'm textlabel. I'm from another game-making website called Sploder, and another, ROBLOX, but I wanted to try this!

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