The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi, just posting for the first time to get ny badge

  • Hallo everyone, I saw this on steam, but grabbed it off scirra because the steam version crashed itself to death.

    I intend to figure out how to make games, by remaking some greatest hits (mostly atari) and several of my own. I've tried Lua and C, though I understand them, I can never put anything together for some reason.

    First Thing I wanna redo is the good o'l Asteroids

  • Hello everyone!

    I'm Dave, CEO of LilCon Games, and I heard about Construct 2 from Bucky Roberts over at


    Dave Reilly,

    CEO, LilCon Games

    LilCon Games



  • I'm MrTea. I'm not a very interesting person.

  • Hello

    Mist this Thread

    But better late then newer

    My name is Robert

    I grow up during Amiga, Atari and my first computer was Atari 520 Last Atari I had was Falcon 1040 really nice days

    I like Fantasy Games RPG mostly and strategy games.

    I did get In to Never winter nights 1 got stuck there until Neverwinter nights 2 where I did create a persistent server. Had a bigg player base for 4 years. (at least for nwn2)

    It was when creating content to server I relist how much fun it was to make game.

    But as player base dropped to 1 logged in now and again I did take it down.

    And for couple of months I was quit lost nothing to do at computer untill i found Construct 2

    Made my first game and work.

  • hi im matt from england =) first time ive ever tryed to make a game without knowing a thing about programming lol construct 2 makes it so easy! already ive almost made my first game but im ran into a small problem i dont know how to fix lol now....time to find the troubleshooting part of the forum lol =)

  • Well....emmm.hello

    I begin my new poject using Construct2!

    Good luck everybody!

  • I introduced myself already and did not get the badge,hopefully with this post I will the badge

  • Hi there!

    My name is Nicolò and I'm a student/worker from Italy.

    I started using XNA three years ago, but real life took me at bay..

    Last year I discovered Construct 2 from a friend and I bought it in december on steam!

    When I was still using the free version I also joined LD#28 and I loved that experience.

    Now I'm using all my free time to design the basic scheme for a game that will really satisfy me!

    Let's have fun guys!

    p.s. My English is not so good, I'm sorry.. ^^'

  • Hello everybody! My name is Trevor and I am from Forsaken Limited (Really, I am the only person in the company anyway). I have just recently gotten into making Video Games. If you want to know more about me, Everything you need to know is on my profile. I also have links to my Nintendo Network ID, Xbox Live (Currently ran out), and Steam. As well as my Facebook (Company's Facebook, not my personal one.) and my Youtube that I will be posting all of my updates on! I hope I get to know all of you somehow!


  • I have no coding skills and no game making experience. I do, however, have curiosity.

  • Hello everyone, i just got the free version of construct 2 which I´m excited to learn more about.

    Regards Klaus

  • Hello, I'm glad to be here.

    My name is Marcz, and my first game with Construct2 is out called SkippBoat

  • Hi everyone, my name is Dillon. I just knew about scirra recently, and i'm still trying the free version right now.

    hope i can make many great games in the future days. nice to meet you all

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  • Hi,

    I am Amit Goyal, starting out for game development. New to the kindly help...

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