The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello everybody,

    My names is Henrique and I would like to show you my progress with Construct 2, and I'm very excited to post my first web game here.

    Ps. Sorry about my English, my primary language is brazilian portuguese.

    Thank you!

  • Hello,

    I'm Andrew. They say that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time to plant a tree is right now.

    I hope my tree grows some kickass fruit, and maybe a cute squirrel family can build some kind of new age geodesic home that stops global warming or something.

    I wish I had planted my tree sooner.

    see you around.

  • Hi everyone I am new to this consttuct 2 guys. Hope everyone enjoy it.

  • Hello everyone, My name is Charles. I'm here to make games and discover all the fun stuff Construct can do. I'm finishing my Bachelors degree in computer science and digital media so it's really fun and helpful to muck around with construct 2 and the HTML 5 platform.

  • Hello everyone, My name is Dew. I want to make game(s).

  • Hi! I´m from Brazil and I´m starting to use Construct 2.

    I´m a Flash games programmer.

    Let´s see what happens.

  • Hello Friends This Is My First Post On Scirra.

  • Hey,

    My name is Andrew or Drewzi if you want, I love designing games and T-shirts, I cannot program which is why I use Construct 2, I have made a few games and I am looking to make some more, Check out my T-shirts on redbubble here: or my gamejolt here: I come from Great Britain and I am sixteen in case you wanted to know.


  • still new in C2 environment

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  • hey,

    i want coding bt not like 20-30 pages then i found c2........nd this is amazing........very new enviorment to me...

  • Hey everyone. My name is Unknown. Ive heard about about this site from r/incremental and it was posted as a way to create games without coding skills. I hope this site helps out with what i had in mind for the last 3-4 yrs but never had any luck in developing.

    Hmm what else could i say im a computer geek, love games both computer and console. I love the outdoors and animals.

    well cant think of anything else right now....oh and i bite but dont draw blood....unless asked to.

  • i am a noob game maker noob noob

    i found that construct 2 is an EASY game maker

    i will make games.

    nooob games

  • Hello all, I'm Chan from Hong Kong. New to C2 and kind of stuck at this moment. I do design related stuff. Hopefully I can find someone who can do the programming and I do the artworks:)

  • Hi! I'm Madi, nice to meet you all. I stumbled upon this website because there was a link on a mine sweeper app. I've never actually completed a game before. I am interested in computers. I like the color blue, and cats. My favorite game is Microsoft Jigsaw. I am very into puzzles because they challenge my mind.

  • Hello, I'm OnlyGames, I was searching for some games creators when I saw, Construct 2 because, I need a simple and professionnal game maker.

    I hope my games will be great for me and you...

    I'm not in a team, I'm alone and I'm 13.

    Before this, I was on an another game creator but, this was

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