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  • Hello to all, my name is Tony and I'm from Naples, Italy.

  • NoveltySoft is dedicated to fostering creativity and excellence throughout our global teams of developers. We are committed to developing on the cutting edge of human interface applications and software automation. We are a motivated team of talented and focused software developers, graphic artists, project managers and motivated towards driving ongoing innovation. Our executive team combines technological expertise with deep knowledge of the global marketplace solutions with a clear vision of the future. We hire and focus our organization to continue to push human interface technology to new heights of creativity and innovation.

    I am the President and CEO of NoveltySoft, in which we founded in September 2008. Prior to NS I served as Senior software engineer and General Manager of up until our acquisition of the US Development arm in October 2010. I also served as Senior Software Engineer prior to NS at MB. I am currently seeking partnerships with global firms to expand our team and continue to grow the organization both organically and by acquisition of good portfolios of clients. Our team is comprised of many talented developers, designers and project managers. I currently still work very closely with our team members to ensure the most up to date programming is applied to our clients projects and that we keep the innovation alive in human interface technologies. I am very interested in both hiring senior level developers and possibly developing your next application or Idea. Please feel free to contact me directly for all your questions.

  • Howdy! I've just recently started using Construct 2. I've known that it was good for developing HTML5 apps, but I see now it also has iOS, Android and desktop functionality. Pretty impressive to say the least!

    I come from an ActionScript 3.0 and C# background; In terms of ease of use game making programs I've used Clickteams Multimedia Fusion Developer program for ages.

    I've decided to take a look at C2 because I've been looking for a better/cheaper alternative than paying 200+ dollars for the iOS, Android, and HTML5 extensions for Fusion Developer. Compared to the 130 dollar price tag of C2 it seems like a much better deal.

    If anybody could direct me to any resources with Plug Ins for C2 I'd appreciate it.

    Also does anybody have any comparisions between C2 and MMF2? Which do you like best and why? What advantages does Construct 2 have?

    I'd appreciate the help, Thanks!

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  • Hi to everyone c:

  • 38 year old single male. Father of two boys (they WILL become gamers). Full-time student (last year of my Bachelor degree) and hopefully soon back in a full-time job.

    Heard about Construct 2 on and thought it would be nice to test it. Have experience in html, css, javascript, php and mysql when it comes to web development, and I have been studying programming languages like Visual Basic and C.

    I am not much of a graphic designer, but I have some experience using both Photoshop and Gimp.

  • Hi guys,

    I'm just a dedicated gamer and thus sometimes in my free time I'm working on little games myself. Used to work with Java years ago but now I realized using a software like Construct makes work a lot easier I'm always looking for goos resources on the web to buy graphics and other assets for games as I'm no designer or sound artist.

    Best Regards


  • Hello, I'm Italo Magalhães, and this is the link to download my game to android, check out the video trailer before Thanks!


  • Hello,

    I would like to introduce myself as a man who used to dream of making video games. Unfortunately, it became something as more of a dream than reality. I cannot really say why it never came into being, but I still carry a small spark of maybe one day completing a project with a dear old character I have been holding onto for over 15 years. So I'm excited I have found this site and determined to try a new skill. I look forward to what this site has to offer.

  • Hello everybody,

    My names is Henrique and I would like to show you my progress with Construct 2, and I'm very excited to post my first web game here.

    Ps. Sorry about my English, my primary language is brazilian portuguese.

    Thank you!

  • Hello,

    I'm Andrew. They say that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time to plant a tree is right now.

    I hope my tree grows some kickass fruit, and maybe a cute squirrel family can build some kind of new age geodesic home that stops global warming or something.

    I wish I had planted my tree sooner.

    see you around.

  • Hi everyone I am new to this consttuct 2 guys. Hope everyone enjoy it.

  • Hello everyone, My name is Charles. I'm here to make games and discover all the fun stuff Construct can do. I'm finishing my Bachelors degree in computer science and digital media so it's really fun and helpful to muck around with construct 2 and the HTML 5 platform.

  • Hello everyone, My name is Dew. I want to make game(s).

  • Hi! I´m from Brazil and I´m starting to use Construct 2.

    I´m a Flash games programmer.

    Let´s see what happens.

  • Hello Friends This Is My First Post On Scirra.

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