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  • So hi! I'm new to Game Development, only have a little background in programming though, but, yeah, I'm gonna try my hand at making games.

  • H I'm TabloidA,

    I've had Construct 2 for a while now, and I thought I'd finally interact with the website fully and gain some reputation.

  • i'm new here ^_^

  • Hello

  • My name's Tony, and I'm an intermediate-level software dev from Bakersfield, CA.

    I started scripting stuff in 1994, starting with characters for a DOS port of Street Fighter II; followed by the DWI simfiles popularly used now in Stepmania (up through DDR EXTREME's/Ultramix 2)... and as a design assistant on phr00t's proc-gen Metroid game, Gentrieve.

    My main, long-term goal in game design however, has been to make "a game about gamers and gaming itself." Some kind of whole-hearted, cohesive experience that takes all the joys we have with our different kinds of gaming, and mashes it all into a single experience that feels "complete;" but still gives the player the freedom to play the way they want. And for the longest of times, there was no real examples of how to pull that off, and then I discovered Spelunky, Terraria, and The Binding of Isaac (this was about 4 years ago).

    Since then, both my player side and my designer side has been very PGC-esque, but in a way that uses some core substance, rather than just mashing some random elements and hoping it works... but finding people really operating on that level has been quite challenging. And as more of a twitch/action gamer than the turn-based strategic boardgamer, I *know* I need more perspective on "fun" than just my own - and especially as someone that usually prefers single-player or two-player stuff.

    What do I have so far?

    -5/6 different kinds of "level/world generation" designs - one of them totally free-balling while others are more structured.

    -20-25 character designs that mishmash between popular protagonists, MegaMan bosses, and SF/KoF personalities and fighting styles.

    -A simple animation-script based... "thing" ...that can animate almost everything in under 100 frames per character; and the layouts thereof. I just have to get around to actually drawing the things.

    -5 "vehicle classes" that for now, tie to the characters, and a way to make them interestingly competitive while taking some radically different approaches.

    -A dozen or so "zones" based on Sonic the Hedgehog/MegaMan settings and level design... and maybe Zelda/Spiral Knights style mechanics, for that kind of thing too. But none of the art direction in making those areas yet! ;_;

    -WIP/(paper)docs on a "dynamic music generator" based on actual music theory/styles, scales/ranges, and even dance charts!

    What do I need?

    -To finish art assets, the DMG (dynamic music generator), a few more interesting "widgets" for making top-down-adventure games interesting and thematic, a bit of practice with the code... a LOT of practice... with the code... and some overarching metagame. Should it be "players playing games?" Actors acting parts? Character-oriented with "different gamestyles of quests?" Should it just grind forever, or not level at all and remain pretty forward and balanced? Should there be seeded content for intentional replays/competitions? Should I tie things like fighting game mechanics to things other than the fighting games?

    There's a lot of experimenting left to this idea too, clearly.

  • Hi all,

    By this moment i'm just a hardworker and i try to learn this impressive tool every day after work... nothing more to say. Best regards!

  • Hi,

    My name is Ricardo, Im new on all of this stuff and Im here for learn some construct 2 skills.


  • hi I'm voidedhen . I have been wanting to make a game for a wile and found this and decided to give it a go if any one would like to help I would be honed and I would most likely return the favor if it is within my abilities. Any way wish me luck

  • Hello, Lucas Torquato here. I am using this on a school project. Nice to meet everyone

  • Olá pessoal

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  • Olá pessoal

  • estou tentando essa coisa mais não entendo nada

  • [quote:3jcdyjzf]THIS IS THE BEST POST EVER!


    WARNING:This Blogger is extremely Annoying and will post...EVERYTHING GAMING.

    I am a Beta Tester for many Companies and I enjoy making Games and it turns out that Gearbox Software actually reffered me to this site and I thought I would give it a little Hello and instead of Giving a Speech i'm Typing some Crap! Soooo.

    THE END!

  • Hi, my name is Adrian and I always have wanted to make a videogame. I have a programming background, so I hope I won't find many troubles (crossing fingers here).

    kind regards


  • Hi all

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