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  • Sup People! I'm a 20 year old finn, And I had this dream as a kid to make video games. Well I never pursued that dream though and now I thought about giving it a go. I have studied some programming and enjoy the problem solving that comes with it. So needless to say I have worked on a hand full of projects within web design and thought I would up the ante! Thought I'd share my 2 cents and I'll be seeing ya on here!



  • Oi

  • Hello,

    My name is Dias, and I'm a Lunatic.

    I like to play games, as much I like to develop games. I'm from Brazil, so my English is not so good.

    I'm here to learn, but I'm developing a game with a couple of friends.

    A friend of mine told me about the engine, but I know a couple of developers who use the engine, so I decided to give a try.

    Safety and Peace;

  • Hello, I'mg going to try out this software.

  • nio odet of for me

  • Howdy!

  • Hey everyone! Gonna try this out for fun. Found out about it from a workshop at the Microsoft building in Cambridge

  • Hello Everyone i come from planet earth Lol

  • Hello Everyone! My Name is Ngaio and I live in the United States. I have always wanted to develop a game so now I am.

  • Hello everyone. I'm TheComingStorm. New to Scirra and Construct 2. Just looking to do something fun in my free time and just learn something new.

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  • Hi

    My name is Mark, I'm new to using Contruct 2, I have a number of games I'd like to make, one of which I'd like to recreate the Ghostbusters game which was played on the Commodore 64 (showing my age there I think, lol)

  • Hello peeps. I'm Oscar with Obscure Games. Me and my friend John created Obscure Games to bring entertainment to people! We'll leave links or download links to games when they're ready!

  • Hi all. Just a short introduction. I'm a noob to game development having come from a web development background. I'm exploring different tools/engines to develop games while translating my programming skills to game development. Read about Construct in a game magazine, read some reviews online, and thought I'd download and give it a test drive.

  • Hi

    AS a "yet another programmer" that like to develop mini games;

    I have a few experiences in game developing with softwares such as Game-Maker, DX Studio, quest3d, darkbasic and etc.

    The common languages that i use are : CSharp, Java, CPP

    I thinks Construct is one of the best 2D Game creator softwares, and i like it

  • Hi i searching basic behind game player....

    I'm also one of the small game designer who want to develop something new different

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