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  • Hi

    My name is Mark, I'm new to using Contruct 2, I have a number of games I'd like to make, one of which I'd like to recreate the Ghostbusters game which was played on the Commodore 64 (showing my age there I think, lol)

  • Hello peeps. I'm Oscar with Obscure Games. Me and my friend John created Obscure Games to bring entertainment to people! We'll leave links or download links to games when they're ready!

  • Hi all. Just a short introduction. I'm a noob to game development having come from a web development background. I'm exploring different tools/engines to develop games while translating my programming skills to game development. Read about Construct in a game magazine, read some reviews online, and thought I'd download and give it a test drive.

  • Hi

    AS a "yet another programmer" that like to develop mini games;

    I have a few experiences in game developing with softwares such as Game-Maker, DX Studio, quest3d, darkbasic and etc.

    The common languages that i use are : CSharp, Java, CPP

    I thinks Construct is one of the best 2D Game creator softwares, and i like it

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  • Hi i searching basic behind game player....

    I'm also one of the small game designer who want to develop something new different

  • Hi.

  • Greetings all,

    I heard about Construct on through a google search on game engine performances.

    What I have read suggests that Construct 2 is at the top. I originally started with GameMaker a few weeks ago and was impressed with it but am looking forward to bigger/better capabilities with Construct 2. Any and all input, suggestions, pointers would be greatly appreciated.


  • What's up Forum! I'm brand new to Construct and looking to continue my game design knowledge where I left off in college! Looking forward to learning more and more.

  • HI i'm kevin

  • Hi i'm Dylan Ritenour or KingofMoosh and i'm 15 and i'm an newb game maker so give me as much support and feedback as possible thnx

  • Hello I'm Jesse. My Dad was making video games when I was born for Atari and Colecovision, sold quite a few. I remember being around 3-4 years old testing his games he even put me in the credits. So I've been playing video games my whole life but only started programming around 8 years ago. I made a few games on GameMaker years ago and just recently made one with AS3. I sort of just stumbled upon construct 2 but its pretty badass so far. I'm currently in school for programming and it would be awesome to make a living doing this.

  • I just want to take good stories and ideas, and and put them into a game. Let's all just have a good time.

  • My own stories and ideas* lol

  • HI My name is Katie and I am a teacher that is looking to create simply simulations to help increase student understanding. I learned about this site from another teacher in the district. I am a newbie to "programming" so I am sure to have lots of questions.

  • Hey there, I am a student who is 16 years of age and am in High school, I am looking to go into the gaming industry as gaming is my passion I want to make it others passion also. I don't want to follow my passion I want to live it! I learnt this site from a careers webpage, its looking very promising so far, good job to the creators of the web page!

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