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  • Hi.

  • Greetings all,

    I heard about Construct on through a google search on game engine performances.

    What I have read suggests that Construct 2 is at the top. I originally started with GameMaker a few weeks ago and was impressed with it but am looking forward to bigger/better capabilities with Construct 2. Any and all input, suggestions, pointers would be greatly appreciated.


  • What's up Forum! I'm brand new to Construct and looking to continue my game design knowledge where I left off in college! Looking forward to learning more and more.

  • HI i'm kevin

  • Hi i'm Dylan Ritenour or KingofMoosh and i'm 15 and i'm an newb game maker so give me as much support and feedback as possible thnx

  • Hello I'm Jesse. My Dad was making video games when I was born for Atari and Colecovision, sold quite a few. I remember being around 3-4 years old testing his games he even put me in the credits. So I've been playing video games my whole life but only started programming around 8 years ago. I made a few games on GameMaker years ago and just recently made one with AS3. I sort of just stumbled upon construct 2 but its pretty badass so far. I'm currently in school for programming and it would be awesome to make a living doing this.

  • I just want to take good stories and ideas, and and put them into a game. Let's all just have a good time.

  • My own stories and ideas* lol

  • HI My name is Katie and I am a teacher that is looking to create simply simulations to help increase student understanding. I learned about this site from another teacher in the district. I am a newbie to "programming" so I am sure to have lots of questions.

  • Hey there, I am a student who is 16 years of age and am in High school, I am looking to go into the gaming industry as gaming is my passion I want to make it others passion also. I don't want to follow my passion I want to live it! I learnt this site from a careers webpage, its looking very promising so far, good job to the creators of the web page!

  • Hi, I'm Jason. Just your typical gamer, anime, and manga fan. I love to experiment with game development engines .

  • Hi, I am Holonium and I first found construct at a Discover Technology camp.

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  • I am making a mod for minecraft at

  • By the way my real name is Kellen.

  • You can get codes at .

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