The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hey everyone my name is Rabidosaurus and love videogames. Some of my favourites are Halo, Borderlands, Pokemon and Minecraft. I hope you will enjoy the games i have made.

  • hi

  • Hello World

    New here but loving all the learning im doing with construct 2. Searched all the game making software out on the market and construct 2 seemed to be the best buy so now im here learning and making games.

  • Hello, my name is Anil. I'm Turkish. I want create a game.

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  • SpiderFly here. testing this tool to see how it is

  • Hey, I am Mac Aydinan from the Philippines, and I want to become a game developer for Windows and Windows Phone. Construct 2 seems to be a good way to start! I signed up because I had to ask a question regarding ad support on Win/WP 8.1, please help me out if you know anything about it!

    thanks in advance.

  • I'm a southern guy from USA. I have a love for games, music, art, comedy and computers. I've had Construct 2 for quite a while now and love it. I'm a nice fun goofy person as you get to know me. i'm always studying to better myself and advance my knowledge of things. I hope to make friends here gradually. it would be awesome to share information and keep one another inspired and motivated.

  • I'm Andy. Just downloaded Construct 2.

  • Hello.

    Just dropping in to say hi, and that I think Construct2 is awesome!

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm Aleks from Spain and it was awesome to find this forum. I'm a big fan of the old style graphic adventures and now I'm on the process of try to make my own game, but I'll post it on the right topics.

    Glad to be here

  • Hello, People of the world!

    My name is Kane, I love games and drifting off into my own world of my creation to escape reality! Ideas always flood my mind of mutiple worlds I created.

    I have profoundly diverse imagination! I just love telling and writing stories for people to read, see and, one day, play! That is why I've always wanted to make my own games! So, people can tap into my world and enjoy themselves.

    That's why I love Consruct 2 as it makes it so much more possible when you get the grip of it and push all the complicated stuff aside!

    I'm currenly in the process of creating one! And hope to get it uploaded onto the web soon! It's Retro Style!

    Thank You, Everyone! The forum, The Tutorials and Everyone on here as helped me so much! Without people like you, this wouldn't be possible! So... Cheers!

  • I'm Ray.

    I've been in the graphics industry for around 3-4 years and I'm a huge fan of games. I'm mainly a fan of games such as Call of Duty, RuneScape and Dota 2.

    That's me!

  • HI... I'm gilang from indonesia and i only a newbee..

  • Helloooo everyone!

    I am new around, have some experience with C, C++, Python and Java, coded some C games and

    helped in 2 emulators in the past! Hope I can achieve some good things around.


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