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  • Hi,

    My name is Benoit I come from Quebec, Canada. I am 16 years old. I ear about construct 2 on the website OpenClassroom. I play a lot at video games and I want to go on the other side. In the side of the creator of the game. I decide to use construct 2 to creat my first game!

  • hallo, ik ben bobbi

  • Aloha all.

  • Hi all, I'm Riccardo from Italy.

    I'm a game developer since 1996, you can still find some of the titles I worked on, searching for "Silkolene Honda Motocross" and "Supercross Kings" on Amazon.

    Hope to have fun here and make some great games with Construct 2


  • ok my Name is amine khader i love devlloping games

  • Greetings to those who actually take time to read this stuff. To anyone else... greetings anyways! : )

    I've recently taken on a project of writing my own Sci-Fi-Fantasy novel series. My brother who some here might already know as Equinox80, suggested to use this program to bring my ideas of a more interactive, prettier way than just simple reading black & white text to life. I have always had an issue when it came to reading. It would frustrate me to the point I just didn't bother reading anymore. Although I love to read, learn and create.

    That said, I intend on bringing to life a complete interactive series where I will have POLLs placed in areas. From there I'll take the highest rated votes, if anyone ever bothers that is. To continue writing my stories. Major decisions such as will a character be killed off or how will they be killed off. Do characters fall in love with someone else and who will they fall in love with. Will they go for Justine or will they go for Veronica as examples only. While this is not the entirety of options. I'm just beginning so more will develop overtime. The main idea is I want to create something where the community of people that read will have a chance to get their ideas added to the story. They might even be able to create a character themselves to get added. Who really knows. : ) After votes are placed, over a certain limited time. I will continue writing based upon those decisions and add in say a "Patch" if you will, like games do. Where the people who do follow me in this journey can then Download to advance in the storyline.

    Now with all of that said and done. I do also want to add in visuals, nothing too distracting though to distract from the reading. Also I do plan to have sounds added to give a more dramatic effect while reading. Perhaps in time, I can include voice overs to go with the stories. People will have the option to either read all by themselves or have it played for them. To give a cinematic trailer feel to them. I aim to provide a full text-based novel version of it all that people can freely read online, or even buy hard cover copies if they prefer to do both or just like what I've got going so much they want to show support and purchase actual copies of it.

    I suppose you can think of this as a "novel-based game" with various options of getting involved. In time, some examples of this being:

    1. Read freely online with my website.

    2. Purchase hard copies online that can be mailed to you.

    3. Use the client-side version and have the full cinematic feel of it. Which is where this program here comes to use. ("The novel-based game")

    So I suppose the next step is getting my first chapter added in Construct 2. See if it's what I'm looking for.

    There's my "Introduction". Hope you enjoyed.


    I forgot to mention that I am from Ontario, Canada. Currently 31 years of age. If it matters. =)

  • My name is Josh and I am still a student in games developments using directX. I have heard a lot about construct2 so why not give it a try to see what this engine can do

  • Hi my name is Liam Hart and I'm from Indiana. I'm 11 years old, 1 day until 12, and I heard about Construct 2 from a game making class I took last summer. So far I've had an AMAZING time with it making all kinds of games.

  • Hey everyone my name is Rabidosaurus and love videogames. Some of my favourites are Halo, Borderlands, Pokemon and Minecraft. I hope you will enjoy the games i have made.

  • hi

  • Hello World

    New here but loving all the learning im doing with construct 2. Searched all the game making software out on the market and construct 2 seemed to be the best buy so now im here learning and making games.

  • Hello, my name is Anil. I'm Turkish. I want create a game.

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  • SpiderFly here. testing this tool to see how it is

  • Hey, I am Mac Aydinan from the Philippines, and I want to become a game developer for Windows and Windows Phone. Construct 2 seems to be a good way to start! I signed up because I had to ask a question regarding ad support on Win/WP 8.1, please help me out if you know anything about it!

    thanks in advance.

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