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  • im jebus556 and i heard about dis {whaterver it is} thru google sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yeah

  • Hey Guys,

    My name is Daniel Moore, I am a father of a wonderful 9 month old baby girl, and have very supportive wife who loves the idea of making a mobile game. With that said, I haven't ventured into the game creation world since I was 18. I have messed with FPS Creator and Unity 3d before in the past. I have only a very basic understanding of computer based languages and artistic talent which brings me here to the forums.

    My primary "thing" that I do on a day to day basis is sound design for fun, and then for 70+ hours a week, I drive a truck. So, when my wife suggested we should make a game I kinda chuckled (making games isn't fun I thought to myself). Construct 2 seems very promising, and I'll be trying out the free copy tonight. If all of my tests work, we will be upgrading to the personal license.

    I have a few questions to ask but I'll save those for the proper thread, I just thought I would drop a hello to all of you and I look forward to the future inquiries. Hopefully I can be as helpful to anyone here as I hope you guys can be with me.

    Thank You all,

    Daniel J. Moore

  • DanielJMoore

    Welcome Daniel...let me tell you only one thing....

    GameMaking IS fun with C2

  • Greetings,

    The name Nik, im a game student who still strunggling on making my own game. Really hope someone can guide me~ >w<\/|

    here's some question~

    well, my lecturer ask me to give a try on C2, so now im trying to learn how to use this software for my Final Year Project. Since im a fan with vanilaware types games, is it possible for me to do it using construct2?

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  • Hi Everyone,

    My name is Brian and I heard about Construct 2 on Youtube, browsing around one day looking for ways to develop for mobile without much programming experience. I'm a graphic artist by trade, and needed a little boost in the coding department, and thought I'd give this a try. So far it looks like a great product!

    I suppose I can tack on my first question here - I have both PC and a Mac, but only have graphic creation software for the PC. If the end goal is to get a game into the iOS app store, can I develop on the PC, then wrap it with PhoneGap or Ejecta - then transfer it over to the Mac for uploading for approval? Would I wrap it on the PC then transfer, or on the Mac? This is new to me and any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!


  • haha what

  • Hello everyone my name is Kaleb Lee. I am a college student and my hobbies are learning Japanese, watching anime, and playing video games. I am new to making games and if anyone has any advice or ideas they would like to offer I would love to hear them. I hope to get to know some people and make some new friends on this community.

  • hallooo,,,

    my name is wahyu ,,

    i come from indonesia,,,

    i am a master degree graduated from the computer technique field of study

    i am trying construct 2 in order to find the better coding language for html 5 ,, this is my personal research.

    nice to meet you all,,

  • Hallo, I found this while I was browsing random flash games on the web, I wonder if I can do anything fun with this ^_^

  • So it's 2:30 in the morning and I've decided that I need to make a video game. Neeeeeed...

    I've bee playing video games for the last 17 years, I've been writing about them for the last few, and I need to revisit my long-forgotten passion for making video games. That's it. If you'd like to read a bit of my work, my main gig right now is at, where we write about crowdfunded gaming a bunch.

  • Hi people

    First of all , my english is a bit basic , don't blame my grammar too much please haha

    I was working a bit with Construct 2 and some Engines (stencyl , unity) trying to figure how to work and some things a long time ago , and i "abandon" to center on some fun projects (nothing finished atm )

    Now i have some nice ideas for two good simple projects , and finally choose Construct 2 as the choice for make them.

    Im learning C# , and have some basics in PHP & Flash , but lack of the knowledge to make my own projects , so i switch first to an easy one and try to do some simple but nice things

    Soon i drop some info and art here

    Glad to be here , cya

  • Hi,

    I'm VeryConfused from the U.S.

    I found Construct from a search about game making software,

    I like to use it for both actual game development and working prototypes, and I hope to make good games someday :/

    Construct 2 is fun to use, I also use Blender, Unity and Cocos2D for game development.

  • thanks for all playing to my games

  • Hello to all construct 2 uses

    I am a gamer like all of you I play games on a daily basis and I have always wonted to be a part of a game that one day I would play a game that I was a part of developing and see my name in the credits that would be a grate privilege. I have been learning the ropes of being a games designer and I have learnt a lot form the theory, history and practical of games development.

    This yare 2014 was the last yare of my college and me and my friend are planning to set up a independent company yet to decide on the perfect name hopefully one that stands out. We have already begun our first project together a 2D top down syfi shooter that is using Construct 2 as the games engine. I am shore we are going to have trouble in some areas so don't be surprised if I am on the forums a lot in the future.

    I hope to learn more of construct 2 and make some grate games.

  • Hello everyone! ...I don't really know what to put here, but I decided to try creating an online video game, and my sources led me here. I hope I can do all that I would like with the free version cause I'm cheap and don't have a credit card :/

    On another note, I'm a Pegasister(female Brony), and am planning on making some MLP games(hopefully with Hasbro's permission), and am hoping to find some brony/pegasister friends to help me

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