The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hey, I am Mac Aydinan from the Philippines, and I want to become a game developer for Windows and Windows Phone. Construct 2 seems to be a good way to start! I signed up because I had to ask a question regarding ad support on Win/WP 8.1, please help me out if you know anything about it!

    thanks in advance.

  • I'm a southern guy from USA. I have a love for games, music, art, comedy and computers. I've had Construct 2 for quite a while now and love it. I'm a nice fun goofy person as you get to know me. i'm always studying to better myself and advance my knowledge of things. I hope to make friends here gradually. it would be awesome to share information and keep one another inspired and motivated.

  • I'm Andy. Just downloaded Construct 2.

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  • Hello.

    Just dropping in to say hi, and that I think Construct2 is awesome!

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm Aleks from Spain and it was awesome to find this forum. I'm a big fan of the old style graphic adventures and now I'm on the process of try to make my own game, but I'll post it on the right topics.

    Glad to be here

  • Hello, People of the world!

    My name is Kane, I love games and drifting off into my own world of my creation to escape reality! Ideas always flood my mind of mutiple worlds I created.

    I have profoundly diverse imagination! I just love telling and writing stories for people to read, see and, one day, play! That is why I've always wanted to make my own games! So, people can tap into my world and enjoy themselves.

    That's why I love Consruct 2 as it makes it so much more possible when you get the grip of it and push all the complicated stuff aside!

    I'm currenly in the process of creating one! And hope to get it uploaded onto the web soon! It's Retro Style!

    Thank You, Everyone! The forum, The Tutorials and Everyone on here as helped me so much! Without people like you, this wouldn't be possible! So... Cheers!

  • I'm Ray.

    I've been in the graphics industry for around 3-4 years and I'm a huge fan of games. I'm mainly a fan of games such as Call of Duty, RuneScape and Dota 2.

    That's me!

  • HI... I'm gilang from indonesia and i only a newbee..

  • Helloooo everyone!

    I am new around, have some experience with C, C++, Python and Java, coded some C games and

    helped in 2 emulators in the past! Hope I can achieve some good things around.


  • Hi everyone,

    I'm a complete noob to this but love gaming and want to learn to create my own games. With that being said I'm excited and ready to learn.

  • HI all, this is Vampirkat.

    I'll probably lurk more than post.

    I used to use QuickBasic to make my games and was active on the QB forums until they faded. That was a lot of fun times and zine trades in the scene for me

    I also used Klik&Play/The Games Factory in good ol' Windows 3.1 and resisted upgrading until WinXP came out (I'm hardcore lol). I ported over my QB games in QB64 but realized the license wouldn't work for me. I decided to get serious, so I got DarkBasic. My laptop died so I got a new one with Vista, and I bought DarkBasic Pro. When I got an android tablet, I got App Game Kit. I made a lot of demos but no games just yet.

    Technology keeps changing and I keep trying to upgrade and stay ahead. Maybe this time I'll get a game completed before tech changes again!!!

    I still lurk sometimes on and Glorious Trainwrecks. I post a bit on GT.

  • I guess it's about time to introduce myself after being a member for a while now: "Hello and welcome, everyone!" Good luck to everyone on their projects because I know that I need it as well. See ya!

  • Hi!

    I'm a 23-year old student from Herøy,Norway. I'm working toward a career in the game industry. I have always had a burning passion to tell and draw stories and create interesting experiences. So that led me naturally in to studying Game design and wanting to work in the game industry.

    I'm currently working on my first (one man) game project after studying game design for 3 years. I've been jumping between engines, trying to find the one that suits me the best. As I'm mainly an artist and designer with limited programming knowledge construct 2 seem to be a good fit for me.

    My dream is to find or create a job that will let me continue to develop my skills as an artist and game designer, and my passion for storytelling.

    I really hope that one day I can quit my "normal" job and just make a living on making games.

  • I've been using Construct 2 for well over a year now and I've been meaning to post in this group for ages but never really got around to it until now.

    Let's see... I too grew up during the 'Golden Age of Gaming' and though I loved the NES we never had one in the house until much later. So we were DOS kids. King's Quest, Space Quest, all the Quest games and so on. Pretty much got my love for games and game music from them. We used to rent an NES all the time as well so games like Punch Out and River City Ransom were huge hits for my brother and I (probably why we're doing this But that's another story not related to my Construct 2 life

    So anyway fast forward a bunch of years, I became a sound designer and composer for video games and I've spent over a decade doing just that as a career ( Then I got laid off from my full-time position creating sound effects and I went freelance and did a few games (and continue to work as a freelance audio dude if anyone's interested).

    I started my own game company called Idea Moose Entertainment ( and came across Construct 2 from someone who followed me on Twitter. I was hooked because at that point I was knee deep in coding on XNA.

    We just released our first small game on the App Store called 'Udder Flap: When Cows Fly!' (!/id885310273?mt=8) and we'll have an Android version out soon (once I get the Cocoonjs plugin stuff working for the achievements and leaderboards). Actually the website was done in Construct as well for the company site now that I think about it

    Anyway, I think that's it. Sorry if I rambled on

    Advice for people wanting to get into the game industry, I guess I would say just do your own thing. It's better here

  • Sup People! I'm a 20 year old finn, And I had this dream as a kid to make video games. Well I never pursued that dream though and now I thought about giving it a go. I have studied some programming and enjoy the problem solving that comes with it. So needless to say I have worked on a hand full of projects within web design and thought I would up the ante! Thought I'd share my 2 cents and I'll be seeing ya on here!



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