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  • so I injoy it

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  • From washington heard construshion 2 is great

  • Hi. I'm MrEikono, a young up-and-coming developer. This is my introduction.

    (Luckily it's not like the last few posts. )

    I love electronics, especially computers, and most of my time involves playing Steam games and incrementals. I first knew that I wanted to learn to code about four years ago. I spent months on end looking around the Internet for a good tutorial, to no avail. It seemed like I had nowhere to go, but I still pursued my dream.

    About two years ago I received a book about the Python programming language for my birthday, and I promptly devoured it. The programs I made were extremely simple, but I still knew that it was only the beginning of my code. Then, about eight months ago I found Codecademy, which taught me how to code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I now had the power to create things for the web, yet I had no idea what to create.

    A month or two after finding Codecademy, I was lurking around r/incremental_games one day (this was around the time I was just getting into the genre and playing games like Cookie Clicker) and found a tutorial on how to make a simple incremental game. I read through the tutorial, and parts 2, 3, and 4, and I finally knew what I wanted to create.

    I posted my little game to the subreddit with a title that read something like "Coming soon: my games!" and was hated from day one. I got lots of downvotes, almost no upvotes, and everyone thought my game was a piece of crap. (I was a noob at coding! I don't know why they couldn't have given me a warm welcome!) The next post I put out got the same reaction. Someone even took every single word from the post and changed what it said, making me look like an idiot. (He got upvotes.)

    This lowered my self-esteem. By a lot. I kept learning on Codecademy, never posting on the subreddit again, only looking at what others had made, for fear of being hated once more. (Everyone had forgotten about me anyway, so why even start?) I continued to work on projects, and the original incremental game made with the help of a tutorial stayed the only one with full functionality.

    And now I get to the part where I talk about how I actually found Construct. With two or three unfinished games under my belt, I decided to take a break from coding for a bit and look into some of the first incrementals I played. One of them was called Pizza Clicker, and as I tried to open it up I went to a link that took me to its page on CodeCanyon.

    Curious, I looked around on some of the plugins under the "HTML5" category, and I rolled over a box for a game called theLastBitcoin, advertising the traits "easy to modify", "made with Construct 2" and "endless gameplay". Once again curious, I looked up Construct 2 and was greeted by what looked like the most beautiful game-maker ever. I have since downloaded the free version of the software, and have yet to try it out, though I want to recreate my newest unfinished project with it. (Screw JavaScript, that just takes too long.)

    I hope you liked my long introduction. Make sure to look out for new projects from me in the future.

    • Eiko
  • hey ,wassup !!!

  • hello. can i make this game for android?

  • yhatz

    Yes, if you have a license. See here:

  • Hi, how are we all?

    I'm Will, it's good to by here, or heard one of the two. Haha, Anyway first up: To all the creators who have made this site possible I just wanna say a big WOW and congrats on all the hard work! Looks fantastic, awesome site guys! I've been looking for quite awhile for a decent program to help mangle my ideas into the format of a game and seeing this I'm more than impressed.

    There's soooo many "attempts" out there its insane and a wonder the industry still exists, but it's great to see the spirit of gaming isn't lost everywhere.

    I've been snooping about seeing what's on offer and I can now honestly say that the dream I've had since I got my first Master System (and Alex the kidd headache, a whopping 22 years ago) will finally come true.

    I have designed/conjured literally 1000s of ideas, stories, plots, maps, landscapes, character models, artworks, music samples etc etc.... and I haven't yet seen a better place I would rather share or express them.

    I'm greatly looking forward to becoming firmly entrenched in the manuals and tutorials to begin my adventures, so bye for now... I've got a master class to pass

  • Welcome to construct, helping you to get a thousand ideas possible:-)

  • Soy un artista gráfico CGI, y desde hace ya un tiempo considerable en mi cabeza ronda unas ideas sobre un juego. Me e puesto a buscar y e visto algunas opciones que permiten desarrollar un juego sin entender códigos ( en mi caso solo se AS2). Me e ido por el lado de este programa pues veo que es muy dinámico, rápido, y con una sencillez de entorno. Ahora me encuentro en búsqueda de algunos tutoriales y manejo dele programa para saber hasta donde puedo llevar a fluir mis ideas.

  • Hello

  • Hi there

    Found scirra on google whilst searching for quick prototyping software for game development.

    So far, I am really impressed. Although I am having a little trouble getting used to the flow of logic. Ie i expect a loop to complete before returning to where it was called from... however, this seems to launch everything at the same time unless you delay it.

    I am sure there are thousands of new things for me to learn, but so far I am impressed

    If things go to plan... i'll end up buying it too.



  • My first steps in making a game

  • Hello

  • hi,

    my username is nagyist and working as a consultant for big firms. I am interested in Scirra's new IDE, Construct2, therefore i am registered here.

    Hope you are all well,



  • Iam venkata krishna..iam a student..i found this on mva planning your game..i am thinking of making a game with scira construct 2 .hope i can make a good game.i like playing action games


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