The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • I needed that badge!

    So, to find this website, I googled "flash game creator"

  • Hi friends I am from Indonesia and I got to know construct 2 from google search.

  • my name is bennybi( given name, first name), im from china, i came to know construct2 by the ict class in our school

  • by the way, im 12 years old

  • there's stiil alot to find out in construct 2

  • Found construct through a google search, I reside in nigeria, and just wanna add amateur game making to my hobbies, and of course wont mind making money if the adventure turns out to be rosy

  • Cham, starting up as a indie game dev ( just as a hobby ) cuz I had this crazy idea for a game... And I want it to become reality, wish me luck!

  • hello new user

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  • Hello all,

    I am V and just discovered C2.

    My goal is to replace SwishMax with C2 to make children's games.

    Also, I'd love to get to know local C2 users if there are any?

    Ciao for now,


  • Hi I am colpolstudios,

    I am a keen developer of games using other software engines like unity and multimedia fusion.

    Another developer suggested I use your software as it may benefit me in my current project.

    So I did not know of your software until that point sorry .

    I come from a disadvantaged background with spelling and numbers, but this has not stopped me in me desire to make games.

    My grammar is hopeless please excuse any errors im not using ms word this time.

    Over the years YES Years I have slowly with lots of help created and published a single flash game.

    I developed a custom scene using Daz Studios that allows the user to easily create sprites in either 2d or 2.5D format, however have discovered that a sprite sheet is best suited to the construct software.

    With this in mind I am working on providing details for construct2 users.

    I with help developed a unity asset sprite master + playmaker based on the use of the above system.

    Although there are many systems within unity mine is unique in its design.

    I am a keen modeler using Blender.

    My face book account: for the present can be found by searching for colpolstudios as I do have enough rep points.

    To date Without a single post on my behalf. I have found the information and tutorials to be in some cases above those provided by unity.

    I am enjoying learning again and hope you may help me when needed.

  • I've had C2 for some time (( My license is "Standard" even, I bought mine for 70 dolla back in the day. )), but only now am I using it proper.


  • hellow every one my name is Bora and i m from India. I work as a consultant in one of the big 4s but recently through my quest to do something bigger n more entrepreneurial, i discovered making simple yet addictive 2d mobie games is good money. I am currently evaluating gamesalad and c2. Gamesalad is quite easy till now , lets see what C2 has to offer. Price of C2 is less , already liking it

    Sad part is my development cycle is runnin behind schedule due to excessive work load from office so m also looking for a fellow indie developer, who can help me with these crazy and addictive game ideas that i have . wanna convert it into reality and earn bucks .

  • I am from Adelaide, Australia. I found Construct after googling game developing software.

  • Hello,

    I'm KKWET and It is very pleasent to use Construct2!

    Great work Scirra!

  • Im Angelo, and im awesome by the way, I always been into game makin since i got mah Zenonia series(RPG) and Cartoon Wars(Search it to find out). Im currently workin on my strategy game like cartoon wars...Shrub Charge

    Im new here, and i tried this because Mr internet suggested it, can anyone help me on auto-attacking and stuff.

    Plus im an artist(i like drawing hehe) so i can really make all the details from mah awesome brain to cool animations.

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