The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • zenox98

    Yeah, I see what you mean my friend. Though, introducing yourself is far more awesome when you get a nice greeting from one of the site's regulars!

    Regardless, I may as well introduce myself correctly now. I'm allowiscous, and while I don't have any experience in proper game development, I have been modifying SNES ROMS for 6 or so years. Because of that, I like to believe that I have a pretty decent handle on game, level, graphic, and music design.

    Construct 2 seemed like a powerful and intuitive editor, plus it (seems) to have an active and helpful community. I can't wait to get started.

  • Hello there! A quick introduction is in order I see. My name is TheConzaDenman. I'm 15 and looking forward to taking Computing A level in college. I thought this would be a nice way to start designing games. I best be going now, got games to create! ... Or at least pretending I am...

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  • Hey all,

    I heard about Construct 2 from this article, which I found using Google:I chose Construct 2 because I want to experiment with bringing a cool card game I designed into a digital space, and to see if it plays better by utilizing certain digital features, and supposedly Construct 2 is good for making relatively quick mock ups.

  • Hello! I'm new here. I'm an aspiring video game designer. I'm a 14yr old girl who loves video games. I heard about this website from and I'm happy I did. I can't wait to get some type of feel of making games!

  • Hello my name is Anderson Yagami and im newblood

  • Hi

  • Hey, Lorna here. Just checking Construct 2 out. Great things could happen.

  • Hey its me!

  • Hello, my name is RedPloto.

    And today is the day ill try to make a decent game.

  • I needed that badge!

    So, to find this website, I googled "flash game creator"

  • Hi friends I am from Indonesia and I got to know construct 2 from google search.

  • my name is bennybi( given name, first name), im from china, i came to know construct2 by the ict class in our school

  • by the way, im 12 years old

  • there's stiil alot to find out in construct 2

  • Found construct through a google search, I reside in nigeria, and just wanna add amateur game making to my hobbies, and of course wont mind making money if the adventure turns out to be rosy

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