The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hey guys I'm 14 and from Ireland, I found out about this website and other game creation software from a friend that works in Havok. my names Luka.

  • Hello World!

  • Greetings! Im a game developer from Brazil!

  • Hi! My name is Nick. Now i work on my second game on construct 2.

  • I am an art teacher form Thailand.I have been trained form my Institute.I feel like it.But I'm still not understood.I want to study it by myself.rather than before.I might buy it in the future.

  • Hey I'm Chris and stumbled across Scirra looking for a way to get into making games for facebook and other platforms. I'm from Australia and new to all this so can't wait to get started.

  • Im new to construct 2. I have experience with HTML5, a little c# and Im fluent with Game Maker, but Im enjoying how quick things can be made with Construct! Im a student majoring in video game development, one of the games I've been working on recently won an award for best game creation at my school, Im working on transferring that game into construct 2 so I can work on it a little faster.... a lot faster lol.

  • Hi. I'm Krzysztof aka Chris (in English) from Poland.

    After moving to Paris with my wife I'm unemployed now because I don't know French so I decided to take action and learn sth more than HTML, JS, PHP, databases and other things I know and started to learn 'how create games in HTML5'.

    I have a few ideas and hope to publish them soon.

    Have a nice day!

  • Hello All,

    My name is Nick, from Greece. Very nice software, i decided to learn and to program my own game as soon as i can...

  • Hi to all my new friends i'm Mohammed i love game world and i own website for flash online games and now i learn to how i do it and i'm happy to be in

  • Call me Rampz, and I love badges.

  • A friend told me about this so I figured I would check it out

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  • hello world! my short name is Tay and i would like to learn construct 2 with all of you

  • Hi im AWESOME

  • Hello fellow Construct 2 users. I'm a mega-n00b with app development but couldn't get my mind off the dozen or so ideas I had, it so I thought I'd give it a try. Spent a long time researching other platforms and settled on Construct 2 as the one with the most potential to do what I want to get done! Thanks for your hard work.

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