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  • hellow every one my name is Bora and i m from India. I work as a consultant in one of the big 4s but recently through my quest to do something bigger n more entrepreneurial, i discovered making simple yet addictive 2d mobie games is good money. I am currently evaluating gamesalad and c2. Gamesalad is quite easy till now , lets see what C2 has to offer. Price of C2 is less , already liking it

    Sad part is my development cycle is runnin behind schedule due to excessive work load from office so m also looking for a fellow indie developer, who can help me with these crazy and addictive game ideas that i have . wanna convert it into reality and earn bucks .

  • I am from Adelaide, Australia. I found Construct after googling game developing software.

  • Hello,

    I'm KKWET and It is very pleasent to use Construct2!

    Great work Scirra!

  • Im Angelo, and im awesome by the way, I always been into game makin since i got mah Zenonia series(RPG) and Cartoon Wars(Search it to find out). Im currently workin on my strategy game like cartoon wars...Shrub Charge

    Im new here, and i tried this because Mr internet suggested it, can anyone help me on auto-attacking and stuff.

    Plus im an artist(i like drawing hehe) so i can really make all the details from mah awesome brain to cool animations.

  • Yep I'm here! I've been making games with RPG Maker for a little over a year, that engine is a lot of fun. Speaking of fun, that's why I do this. Only a hobby. Want to make some different style 2D games. Struggled between GameMaker Studio and Construct 2. You can see which one finally won out. Great to be here

  • hello, my name is andreas philippou and i want to make a pixel platformer indie game. i asked my friends, they all said get gamemaker studio its free and good. i dicided to get it but the problem was, that it was too complicated and i could not save my work, i could not even close the makerstudio window! i got very angry and deleted it. i had a friend who knows a little about developing and i asked him, he said construct2 also in gamejolt they said construct2 is the best.

  • i also come from cyprus

  • Hi I'm Nick and I'm trying to make a simple video game! Wish me luck!

  • Hi I'm Jihad Samarji , Mechanical Engineering Student , And An Extreme Video Gamer . My Passion in life is video games , not just playing them but also making them . I'm starting to get along with Construct 2 . I have no programing skills at all , My first Awesome Mobile Game is "Wrong Way" , please give it a try


  • saya akhyar maulana masih belajar salam kenal


  • Big Game is the on the way

  • Hi! I'm one of the few female programmers.

    I'm from Indonesia

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  • Hello. I'm Jo. I'm interesting on trying Construct 2 because I love playing games and would like to make one.

  • Acabei de baixar o programa e pelo jeito é muito bom.

    Espero que me de bem com todos.


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