The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • hi my name is artem

  • Hi, I'm WebCourse an e-learning game dev. Glad to be here!

  • Hello! I'm Andrew from NY who just wants to make some games. I found out about this at Watonka, a science camp that I created games in.

  • Yo! What's up from Mint Hill, NC.

  • hi, i'm tyler a beginner or noob as most would call it . at game development!

  • Why hi there!

    I'm a young guy from Finland, and I mostly do stuff with music (compose, listen, play etc.).

    I just registered for this site, since the software (Construct 2) caught my interest

    I've always liked gaming, since playing games is fun and stuff. I've also wanted to make games for quite some time. I know nothing of coding, so I've been drawn towards other methods of developing games. The very first thing I tried out was "Sploader", which some of you might recognize. While that was fun for a while, Sploader wasn't really what I was aiming for. After that, I remember trying out "Game Maker". This was much more to my liking. However, the output formats didn't really interest me at all. I wanted to be able to publish flash games. I'm pretty happy I didn't finish any games at the time though, as I was SO young when I made them. I replayed them some time ago, and while the ideas were actually not too bad, the whole SUCKED XD

    Recently though, there was a contest called "Stencyl Jam (2014)", in which I finally decided to participate. The contest was announced and held by "Newgrounds". Thus, I made my first ever game using a software called "Stencyl", and I was really happy. Even better, was the fact that my game actually won 4th place! Can you imagine, hahha?

    If you feel like it, you can try the game over at my newgrounds profile (my name is "LucidShadowDreamer". Just google it, and you'll find me [I'm not allowed to post links yet]).


    After that, I decided to participate in the Ludum Dare 29 Jam, also using Stencyl. I made a much simpler game, which can also be played by those who are interested (Also at my Newgrounds account).

    ^Drop Up^

    Enough talk of Stencyl.

    I'm really happy with the software, but I'm also ready to try new things out. Next on the list: "Construct 2."

    As many of you know, a new contest was announced back at Newgrounds, and this time, it's time to make a game with Construct 2 XD

    I've checked in the software already, and so far, everything seems great!

    The theme for the contest is "The Future: 2030", and there are some nice prizes too :'D

    It will be fun trying to work with Construct, and I hope that everything goes well. Thanks for reading!

    //Shadow Dreamer

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  • OK my name is Alex, i was born in Australia and ever since i was like 12 i have wanted to program and make games

    also i am a noob (as some would call it) at programming so please don't be hating

  • i am from malaysia i love construct 2 because this app can create game to myself and anonther people!!!

  • before i'm hacker now i am programming noob

  • Hi everybody,

    My name is Milos and I'm from Serbia. I like Construct very much

  • Hi just started Construct2 a few weeks ago. I have also completed a simple game. ^^. I would also be using Construct 2 for educational games for kids and kids with disability and also for presentation purposes.

  • Hellow World!

  • Hello all

    I'm Abdullah Nasser

    My game almost finish and it will be free for all

  • Boa Tarde Pessoal...

    Sou de São Paulo - SP

    Conheci um Construct 2 através de um Grupo no Facebook que conheci recentemente, para criadores de jogos iniciantes. Onde reuni pessoas que desejam criar jogos mas não tem a mínima ideia de por onde começar. Onde as pessoas trocam dicas e compartilham experiências, ou até mesmo formam grupos para criar jogos.

    Postei uma dúvida lá e me indicaram o programa como ideal para o resultado que eu queria.

  • I am a new user of the Construct 2 program. I live in the United States and have been enjoying tinkering with the capabilities offered by Construct. The system is pretty straight-forward and easy to grasp the basics. I look forward to working with it on some more advanced projects/games.

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