The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • hello all,

    The name is BOYEL. I am not a game proggrammer. I'm more an artist . 2d, 3d animation, digital paintings. Ussually for animations industry but now very interrested in game creations. Ussually, only doing arts, sprites, all that stuff, just helping some people in creating art for their games. Very interested with Contstruct. Hope i can learn to create games with this free version software then buy it for commercial use. Hope, this software doesn't need any proggramming skills to create some simple casual games for mobile content creations. Just drag and drop stuff. Cause I am very stupid in understanding proggramming

  • Hello world!!! I am new to Construct 2 and am looking forward to learning more.

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  • My name is Diogo, I'm a programmer, and I'm also learning a bit about game development.

    I'm using Construct 2 for prototyping, and to play with some fun ideas. I'll probably use it for jams, after I get better with it

  • Hi new to construct.

    Looking to create a sandbox crafting game as well as various other games.

  • helloooo

  • Ummm... Hi everybody?


    I like games. They are fun. :superman:

    Enough said.

    *loses contact*

  • Hey Guys!

    Awesome to start my game making Journey! Game on!

  • My name is Nick Houser, AKA Nickorama.

    I'm mainly a programmer and game developer, albeit a newbie, but that's what I'm planning to major in.

    I hope you all accept me as a member of Scirra and user of Construct2!

  • Hi!

    Should have done this long time ago but better late than never

    Back in the old days of the Commodore 64 and the Amiga I had this passion to write Games and Demos. At that time everything was mostly done in Assembly and I was still a student.

    When I started working I didn't have much time for this hobby of mine however about a year ago I was introduced to C2 and it immediately captured my attention. After using it for a few days it revived in me that passion that I had for Games Development and it made me feel getting back to the old times.

    I am Architect by profession however in my spare time I just enjoy using C2 and experimenting with it.

    Also in my opinion I think the forum of C2 is the best forum that I came across

  • Hey guys, I am Sean Bohan (aka. PixelPicoSean), a gamedev based on China. I used to create games with impact.js, and recently switch to C2 because it's stable, easy to use and boosts my developing speed. I'll use it for my next and next... mobile games and also try to build some useful plugins for you guys to build amazing things. (I'm kinda open source guy )

  • hello.i am here to upload my games. comment and criticize as far as possible. thanks!

  • Hi! I`m Andrew from St.-Petersburg, Russia

  • hi my name is artem

  • Hi, I'm WebCourse an e-learning game dev. Glad to be here!

  • Hello! I'm Andrew from NY who just wants to make some games. I found out about this at Watonka, a science camp that I created games in.

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