The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • eu sou do Rio de Janeiro

  • Hello!

    This is Henrique from Brazil. I have just made a native game for iPad and it took about 3 months to be ready. This same game clone took me only 1 week using Construct 2! So... I have decided to keep going with Scirra!

    Nice to be here with you guys!

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  • Hello everyone, I'm here to learn from the community, as well as show what I know about creating games and game content. I look forward to joining the Scirra/Construc 2 community!

  • Yay hello everyone

  • I like the construct 2 game making system.

  • My name is Kyle, I am starting a game making group and i found this through some programmer friends!

  • Hey everyone! I'm new to this whole app stuff but I have a passion for technology and can't wait to see what I can do with Construct 2

  • Hi everyone!

    I am a hobby game developer and have made a few published games for Flash.

    I discovered Construct2 after reading a few blog posts on Emanuel Feronato's blog. And I also wanted to know what the game engine was for "The Iconoclasts" by Konjak. Both of them spoke highly about Construct.

    Also, I saw all the games made during Ludum Dare 29 and thought that I might need to check out a game engine that lets me focus more on the design of the game than the programming. So I thought I'd check out Construct2.

    Hope to have a great time meeting everyone!

  • Hi

    My name is José. I am a newbie and just want to say Hi to all in the Forum.

    Now on to the tutorials!


  • hi

    my name is dinesh, I am studying in course of " bacholer of computrer application" . I has interest in game development so that , one day I searched in internet . I found construct2 . it is very easy to develop games in construct2 . I like it very much.

  • Hi! Mostly struggling with my laziness for making games

  • Hi, I'm Blank (I don't share my real name online because I'm a loser),

    I'm only 17 and wanted to join this community and get started. Talk is cheap when it comes to big projects so... On to the tutorials i guess xD


  • Hi, I'm Gary.

    I was introduced to construct 2 through my brother. Previously I was working with pure code so this is a welcome retreat and allows you to be really productive!

    Hope to Make and Play many great indie games!

  • Hello everybody my name is Job Ben. I love games and I also love making them, I hope you guys will show some love to a construct 2 newbie.


  • Hello!

    I was inspired to try my hand at game designing. Been trying to figure it out for a while. I have a few ideas in my head and a lot of patience, so I decided to start small. Maybe I'll learn a thing or two with this program.

    : D

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