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  • Hello everyone! I'm new here, just now checking out the Tutorials page. I own an indie company called Bitpoint Games. I have experience with another engine named 3D RAD. I switched over to Construct 2 as I think that a better introduction to making a game would be starting a 2D Platformer. After some review, it seems that Construct 2 would be perfect for this. Well, bye forum!

  • G'day,

    I'm Andrew. I've been toying with Construct 2 (free edition) for several months now but other than trying the "create a..." beginner tutorials I haven't really delved too deeply into it. About a week ago I decided to have a go at creating my own game (nothing special, just a learning exercise). I have been really impressed with the quality of the tutorials and the help given in the forum, not to mention the quality of Construct 2 itself.

    I'm not generally the type to ask for help - I feel it's a rare occurrence that an answer can't be found with some diligent Googling and a bit of trial and error - but I wanted to be able to get in and actually acknowledge the authors of these tutorials when I have used them. Hence my registration.



  • Hello, I'm Fernando, from Brazil, Thank You Scirra providing us with the tool of pure awesomeness =DDDD

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  • Hello everybody. It makes me genuinely happy that Scirra exist.

    Happy programming!

  • My name is Liam and I downloaded this program for a workshop and am looking forward to learning how to use it.

  • Hello I am Justin Wittrock, and I am a high school business/technology teacher at Litchfield High School in Litchfield, MN. It is April 17th, and we received 13" of snow yesterday! I heard about construct 2 on twitter. I am going to be teaching an intro to Computer Programming course next year, so I am doing some research on different programs that can be used.

  • Hello my name is Kelzad Oox. I'm 15 years old and an animator from I'm animating a special style called Madness Combat! I heard about this from Newgrounds's thread about the upcoming Construct 2 Game Jam and that's how I got interested in trying out the Constructor 2 program

  • Hey everyone,

    My name is Ruskul. I am an artist and programer. I have worked on various game projects and decided I wanted to make my own. I tried out construct 2 and bought the license within a week. I had been mostly using xna and c#, but was sold on construct almost right away. (time to learn xna -> months compared to a few weeks to learn contruct2). I spent 3 days and already had more progress done on my game than I did after several months of programing (not that that time was wasted... it translates very well to construct 2


  • hello i am cameron lancaster i found scirra from a tutorial website on how to make video games. I originally was going to use yoyo gamemaker, but i looked at some people using it on youtube and then i saw people using scirra on youtube. i then thought to myself and said, "wow, Scirra is awesome! Yoyo gamemaker looks a little off performance and to complicated for me", so i went with Scirra

  • i am a dog

  • ola

  • Hi I'm Deddy. I'm from Indonesia and I heard Construct2 from Google.

    I'm newbie on this please help me if I get some trouble.


  • Hi, I am Manish, from India. I heard about Construct from my buddy Krish.

    Looking forward to exploring the features of Construct and engage with the community.

  • O HAI THEIR c(^▽^)

    Mario from Brasil who was convinced to try Construct 2 by the awesome people who organized Global Game Jam Curitiba 2013. Now it has CHANGED MY LIFE and I even made a game with it (sort of)

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