The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello world!

    Just discovered Contruct 2 a few days ago, but I think I'll be around here for quite a long time ...

    Greetings from Spain.

  • Hello!

    My name is Ser Gator, I discovered construct 2 through my programming course i am taking in high school.

    Greetings from Canada EH!

  • Hey, my name is Chad. I'm super new here and want to learn all I can. If anyone out there has any advice for new beginners, please don't hesitate. Thanks so much!

  • hello my naime is red y love play a new game

  • hello my name is red

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  • Hey everyone, just wanted to introduce myself (partly cause I'm an achievement junkie). My name's Daniel, in my non-free time I work as an accounts clerk, but I've always had a passion for gaming (both digital and board) and I'm always coming up with what I feel like are fun, original ideas. I just felt it was time to finally try to turn those ideas into something concrete, so here I am.

  • Hi All, I am Tommy. Nice to meet you all...^^

  • Hello to all the Constructors out there building wonderful games. I'm Dave. I am relatively new to Construct 2. I've tried Unity, GameMaker, and RPG Maker. However I came across Construct 2 through Spriter, and I've found this Game Engine to be very satisfying to use. I have a Computer Science background, so if anyone has any SDK questions feel free to post them. I've answered a few SDK related questions already(successfully I hope). It is my desire to get to know the rest of the community better, as I continue my game making journey with Construct 2 alongside the rest of you.

    Many Thanks,


  • Hello guys!

    My name is Henrique and I am from Portugal. I know a little of flash, and HTML, and am interested in learning a little mora about making games in HTML5. Looked around at what people recommend and found about Construct 2.

    Hope it helps me to get started.

    Best regards

  • Hi , im Velix

    im new in construck 2 i want to be a game dev

    nice to meet you guys , i hope u all help me

  • Hi All, I'm New(ish) lol

    I haven't been here in over 2 years, and feel like I need some serious recapping. I am completely lost. lol

  • Hi everyone! i'm new so i'll try my best

  • Hi Everyone! I'm Poofy Foofy. I've been using Construct 2 for about 3 years now. I think it's really awesome!


    Sent from my unreleased handheld super computer

  • Hey everyone,

    Really new to game making and Construct 2 but it seems like a great software so I picked it up and will have a go at it!



  • Hello folks,

    quite new to game making, I've tested Construct 2 and I totally approve it!

    I've even told my colleagues how powerful and easy C2 is.

    I work in a web agency and we opefully will propose interactive games to our clients soon


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