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  • hello

  • So, who are you? How did you find out about Construct? What brought you into the seedy underworld of making games? What interests you? Where have you been, and where are you headed?

    Hello I am a 2D artist. I do a range of different art styles; concept art, pixel art, vectors. I came to game making from the perspective of an artist working on other people's games. Ive been doing contracts through odesk making graphics for basic games (runners, infinite jumpers, beat em ups, shooters etc).

    Which has been cool because its given me a clear understanding of exactly what kind of assets are needed for a game.

    So now I want to make my own, instead of just working on other peoples, and thats how I found C2. From everything I read C2 seems to be considered one of the friendliest games engines for people like me.

    Initially I plan to keep it simple. I want to make a basic platformer and see if I can have it published on the AppStore or Google Play. I have a bunch of draft artwork developed, now I'm just working thru C2 tutorials to figure out how it all works.

    I have to say I'm liking the active forum and well structured documentation for C2.

  • i am kye thomas i am from canada my brother told me about construct 2 i love a game called star86

  • Hey, Just started using construct in class and just finishing the tutorial was amazing, can't wait to do more work with this.

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  • Hello guys!

    My name is Tom aka DupDev and I am from Germany. I developed a Pong clone with another program but decided to get Construct 2 because of it´s biiiig list of features. But before buying it, I will take a look at it and hopefully be pleased. It´s looking good so far.


  • Hello world!

    Just discovered Contruct 2 a few days ago, but I think I'll be around here for quite a long time ...

    Greetings from Spain.

  • Hello!

    My name is Ser Gator, I discovered construct 2 through my programming course i am taking in high school.

    Greetings from Canada EH!

  • Hey, my name is Chad. I'm super new here and want to learn all I can. If anyone out there has any advice for new beginners, please don't hesitate. Thanks so much!

  • hello my naime is red y love play a new game

  • hello my name is red

  • Hey everyone, just wanted to introduce myself (partly cause I'm an achievement junkie). My name's Daniel, in my non-free time I work as an accounts clerk, but I've always had a passion for gaming (both digital and board) and I'm always coming up with what I feel like are fun, original ideas. I just felt it was time to finally try to turn those ideas into something concrete, so here I am.

  • Hi All, I am Tommy. Nice to meet you all...^^

  • Hello to all the Constructors out there building wonderful games. I'm Dave. I am relatively new to Construct 2. I've tried Unity, GameMaker, and RPG Maker. However I came across Construct 2 through Spriter, and I've found this Game Engine to be very satisfying to use. I have a Computer Science background, so if anyone has any SDK questions feel free to post them. I've answered a few SDK related questions already(successfully I hope). It is my desire to get to know the rest of the community better, as I continue my game making journey with Construct 2 alongside the rest of you.

    Many Thanks,


  • Hello guys!

    My name is Henrique and I am from Portugal. I know a little of flash, and HTML, and am interested in learning a little mora about making games in HTML5. Looked around at what people recommend and found about Construct 2.

    Hope it helps me to get started.

    Best regards

  • Hi , im Velix

    im new in construck 2 i want to be a game dev

    nice to meet you guys , i hope u all help me

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