The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi, my name is Hector,

    Im a fan of the nintendo sagas since i were a little boy, I started with super mario and donkey kong country 1 and 2 (snes). Actually, I´m mad for pokemon, i love that rpg!!! =D, I play pokemon Y (if someone wants to add me, PM please!, my FC is 2809 8320 4425).

    Im a lover of action, rpg and fightning games. I would like to spend hours and hours at home with the consoles, however, due to my studies at university, i do not have enough time to play any videogame. Despite this inconvenience, my friends and me have founded an un official nintendo club at my university. Furthermore, last year, a videogame programing club started up there, sponsored by the IEEE, on that time i did not know anything about programing, coaches taught how to program HTML and Javascript games, we started trying to create space invaders, unfortunately i did not have any gaming programing experience, so everything was difficult, i felt everything was out of this world, too hard!!, the club closed a few months later since i started, the members were few .

    That inspired me to start programing by my own, however, i dont know how to do it, so to create videogames I remebered construct, so I decided to start up here my road as a creator =D

    I´m a spanish speaker too! , I´m peruvian, so, please feel free to talk with me in that language too

    Saludos a todos, los mejores deseos para todos sus proyectos!

  • Hello! Downloaded this to make a game with my friend. Looking forward to it!

  • Uhhh... Hi? I found Construct 2 on Gamejolt... I will most likely just use it for web games. Its so simple it feels like cheating. Its nice because I can still make games and fit in homework and stuff. Its hard being 14 xD Anyways I am really looking forward to using this software! Looks more simple then Game Maker Studio and I can export it to html and mobile if I buy the license!

  • Hello All, I'm newbi at construct 2 app, i want learn how to make good game, thanks for attention!

  • Hello there!

    I'm a database architect, I do game jams with friends since a few months (our site : ), sadly, I'm the only programmer of the crew; we've chosen construct 2 so we could share the workload and, hopefully, do better games.

  • Hello all! I am a new developer here! Nice to meet you all! Looking forward to release apps soon!

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  • Hey everyone!

    I am mtbuck24 and I am new to construct 2 and game development I was looking online of what works best for learning game development and I was suggested to try construct 2 game engine. Can't wait to start making games!

  • Hi everyone! My name is Arthur Moisés and I found about Construct three hours ago in a bar table. I realized it is better the Stencyl, so I'm going to use it and see for myself.


  • ola soy de acapulco soy nuevo programando y espero que me ayuden como tambien poder ayudar

  • my name is Atiyah. i am 17 years old and i live in the u.k.

  • Hello,

    I'm 22, IT student and I hope soon gameDesigner student. I never have enough time to finish a single project, but try to familiarize myself with every tool I may need. So here I am ^^.

  • Hello all. I'm from Indonesia, I write Construct 2 tutorial in Indonesian in a local newspaper to help spread game development knowledge in Indonesia.

  • Im am the EnderGamesBR I Love Games and i just have a PS3

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm a programmer that has been dabbling in game making for years now in my off time. I found out about Construct2 from the Microsoft Virtual Academy tutorial that featured the product in one of their tutorials. I thought I'd try it out.

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