The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hey there everybody!

    My name is Zack and I have been using construct 2 for about 3 months creating a game. I am an aspiring 2D/3D animator, but really have fun making my own games in construct 2 as well.

    I'm always looking to challenge myself and making a game from scratch and on my own was definitely a great challenge for me. Not only did I have fun, but with basic programming knowledge in flash, this program really helped me to be creative and make a game I enjoy.

    Although the game is not quite done yet, I hope to have it done and up in the arcade soon.

    Until then, its back to work for me.

  • Hi my name is Dicran, i have 19 years old and i download this tool because i wanted to start creating my own games, i don't know if this is gonna work but idk who knows right?

  • Hi,

    I'm Dan and I am making games that I can put on facebook.


  • ciao non riesco a scaricare costruct2

  • "Let me introduce myself I'm a man of Art and fame, pleased to meet you can't you guess my name." Apologies to the Rolling Stones.

    I just published a Croquet game. Real croquet not a casual backyard game you played as a kid. If you know the rules of croquet you can play English or American Croquet. This game is based on the Billiards found in Construct2. It was a steep learning curve, and I have far to go. All in all it was fun and I look forward to finishing it out. My primary interest in games is the art, for which I will keep working. It was really hard to get through the actual making the balls dance around. I don't think like some of you folks. Any way Hi. Jer

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  • Hi! I am Samuel Roshan. Always Dreamt of making a awesome isometric game like Jagged Alliance 2 and Diablo 2. With rise of mobile game I also want to create an action based endless runner. I hope Construct 2 is my answer to all my dreams.

    Wish all the best to all the game makes here. Special thanks to everyone who helped me on various Forum topics and disscusion. Especially

  • Hi !!. Newbie here

  • Hi Im Roger. I wabt to create a Super Mario like game with items found in levels to collect and use in the game (and switch at will). Never been good at programming, but going to give this a go.

  • New to game development using HTML5, seems it is a great approach and wants to try it.

  • Trueno Elfico

    Hi I'm a student of Software Engineering from México.

    Just the past weekend I heard of the existence of construct 2.

    I had signed this event with the intention of finding a team and develop a game in just two days, as I only knew developing in XNA GAME STUDIO, and was the only one with experience in the team, so doing it this way was not feasible, then a guy who apparently works for Microsoft told us to Construct 2.

    Before that my team wanted to use Unity but no time for that, so I started to explore the possibilities of Construct 2 and Wow!.

    I loved it, i was using it for about 30 hours in just 2 days, we did a little space game, a prototype of an idea.

    A little piece of knowledge.

    I look forward to getting your license, congratulations guys is beautiful.

  • HEYO!!! All cauliflower are the best! And everyone else. hope to discover some awesome games!

  • HI EveryOne/quote]

  • well I am learning game development at Microsoft virtual academy . This is the start of my carrier.

  • HI, my name is Rafael Costa, I'm from Portugal, and I found about Scirra and Construct2 from a course in MVA ( Microsoft Virtual Academy).

    I'm just starting this chapter in my life, I found out that I just love programming and creating, I strated out learning C# and then found myself interested in creating games so I followed MVA's 'Gaming Engines for Windows 8 Jump Start' course and one of the Modules is all about Construct2 so I'm downloading it and I'm going to try it out!

    Right from the start I wanna thank the Scirra team and let you know that, altough it is not easy to make software free, I really believe you deserve all the praise for making that effort.

    Thumbs up for Scirra!

  • Hello there gang I'm Sho well atleast thats what most call me.

    Yes i'm the newest noob of the community but very eager and excited to get started. I have research quite a few of these game making engines and this is where i ended up. Nice to meet you all and koddos to Construct2..

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