The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi everybody. I am Ashar Jamil and i am new to this form. Would you mind reviewing my game and also please give me feedback to improve my game. By the way its clone of Flappy Bird game.

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  • hello!!! Just registered and downloading construct 2

  • Hello everyone, im fabzy

    Im a pixel artist and hope to bring you lots of pixel goodness in the shape of resources for all you budding 2d developers

  • Hi!

    I'm normal highschool student from Finland, age 15. My English isn't perfect, this post is best i'm able to do. (and i also use a lot of time to make post, to it may sound... ehm... look good.)

    I like all kinds of games, all way through shootary games, like TF2 and Half-life to puzzle games like Antichamber and Portal to Rpg-games like Earthbound and Elder scrolls.

    I like games with simple idea and, well-design world and logics, but with a lot of stuff to see, explore and treasures to seek. Just like Earthbound and Elder scrolls.

    --Action games work differently. If there is possibility of pay-to-win, i don't like that game. Or game, where is unbalanced resources and weapons, like CoD does. It's simply not fair that only some can pay for bigger guns, and be the best, meanwhile others can't pay and loses because of that. Games like TF2 are for me; nine different classes, all balanced weapons and stats. Everybody have it's own chance and place to win, if you use your brain a bit.

    I have always wanted to make games. When i was 5, my PS2, i designed a lot of Hugo games. You know, those were only for PS1 & 2 and i remember them as hard as hell.

    Construct 2 is message from heaven to me. It's all i have ever wanted, under my eyes. But tragic still happened. I have no longer so creative ideas to games, i try getting inspiration from exiting games and by reading books.

    That's all i have to tell you.

  • I want to give game development a new dimension....

  • Hello,

    My name is Serdar.

    Actually im a front end developer. But im also a game addict. Im interested on biology and i see codes everywhere in nature. I think the whole world like a game. Like all cats has the same behaviours and AI but they act different on some stuations within some randomness.

    I believe mobile technology bring a new air to game programming and 2D games became avaible again (yay!)

  • Hi.

    My name is Johnny, from the Dominican Republic. I'm a Technology Manager who loves video games. I am also a long time developer and just started to evaluate all the tools available to make great games.


  • Eu sou paulo Victor, estou desenvolvendo um jogo para a materia de matematica me indicaram este progama, por ser de simples entendimento.

  • Hello, everyone. Ready to start with this great tool.

  • Hi everyone, I hail from South Africa, Canada, and Bolivia. Currently is Nelson BC Canada.

    I want to become a game developer, have some basic programming skills:

    Python, android apps (java)

    Super excited!!

    Thank you

  • Hello everyone, im fabzy

    Im a pixel artist and hope to bring you lots of pixel goodness in the shape of resources for all you budding 2d developers

    sweet! thanks for the offer!

  • Hi, my name is Leonardo and I'm from Brazil.

  • Hi,

    I am from Croatia.

    I want to become a game developer, and can't wait to start using this excellent tool.

  • Hello Everyone!

    I'm new to Construct 2 and I started making a game called Glo.

    I think it's really easy with programming!



  • Hello,

    I am a hobbyist developer / video game zinester stationed in Toronto Ontario.

    I have been using Construct 2 for over a year now and it's my one and only. I occasionally look elsewhere for development tools but C2 is exactly what I need. [ though I would love to see some basic 3D implementation because that would make my dreams come true ].

    I have a tendency to use Construct 2 as an outlet for emotional stuff, but I still like to make traditional games.

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